How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear

12 min. to read

You can easily take sharp and clean images if you know how make blurry pictures clean.
How to Edit Photos

12 min. to read

A lot of people edit photos every day. Find out what are the most effective ways to enhance photos.
How to Resize an Image

11 min. to read

Learn how to resize an image with this quick and easy guide. You’ll be resizing photos like a pro in no time.
Easy to Do: Superimposing Images with Photoshop

12 min. to read

Greetings! Have you ever seen these cool photo collages that look like you could never make them?
HEIC: all about the modern format. How to work with it on a Mac

12 min. to read

Images on the iPhone 7/ iPad Pro 2017 and newer models are saved in HEIF format with a .HEIC extension. HEIF photos and HEVC videos take up half the storage space of popular JPEG images and videos without losing quality.
Posting Multiple Photos on Instagram: The Guide 2022

13 min. to read

Can you still post multiple pics on Instagram in 2022? Yep!
The most complete guide on how to do content aware fill in Photoshop with examples

18 min. to read

Photoshop content-aware fill is a potent tool that keeps getting smarter and smarter as the program evolves.
3 Effective Ways How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

11 min. to read

The iPhone camera is like a full-fledged camera in your pocket. It allows you to take photos with natural colors and focus on details.

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