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5 Ways to Seamlessly Edit Photos with Loupedeck+ and Aurora HDR

5 Ways to Seamlessly Edit Photos with Loupedeck+ and Aurora HDR

June 26

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The new Loupedeck+ console comes with improved ergonomics, more buttons and dials, and last but not least, an enhanced software that comes Aurora HDR compatibility.

Just in time for the launch of our latest Aurora HDR update, the folks behind Loupedeck just released their newest console. And it looks swankier than ever. This upgrade to the innovative photo editing console comes with improved ergonomics, more buttons and dials, and last but not least, an enhanced software that comes Aurora HDR compatibility.

You read it right! Loupedeck’s successor, aptly named Loupedeck+, not only boasts several new dials and buttons including customizable ones, better software support, and more responsive mechanical keys, but it also offers full Aurora HDR functionality. That means that you can now use this photo editing console to create incredible images with our award-winning software to ensure that your workflow isn’t interrupted. While Aurora’s UI is already intuitive, uncluttered and easy to use, using the console gives you a hands-on and even more seamless editing experience.

Seamless Photo Editing with Loupedeck+ and Aurora HDRThanks to Loupedeck+, Aurora HDR users can now edit photos faster and more efficiently. This is because the console offers not just a tactile editing experience, but also more ergonomic alternative to changing basic settings, making HSL adjustments, cropping, and a whole lot more.

The best part? It’s so easy to use and straightforward enough for new users to figure it out quickly, thanks partly to the fact that each button or dial is labeled according to the Aurora HD sliders they control.

Here are five of the best ways Loupedeck+ allows you an even more seamless workflow:

Apply presets with a press of a button

Because we know how much you love your Aurora HDR presets, we made sure to utilize Loupedeck+’s preset buttons to give you quick access to the presets you’ve downloaded and purchased.

Buttons P1 to P8 allows you to select from the first eight available presets, while FN + P1 to P8 lets you choose from the first six preset categories, Favorites, and your User Presets. For even more control, you can use the Rotating Dial to adjust the strength of the selected preset.

What does that mean? Simple—it only takes a push of a button to apply a specific preset onto your photo. No more scrolling or searching through different options. You need only look at your photo, see and decide which preset looks best on it, and save the changes.

Adjust HSL at the turn of a wheel

One of the many things we found really useful with Loupedeck+ is that it offers effortless adjustments of your photo’s hue, saturation and luminance. Without the console, you’ll need to drag the individual sliders with your mouse or type a specific number to adjust these settings.

With the console however, all that manual work is replaced by a simple press of a button—whether Hue, Sat or Lum—then the use of eight individual color dials for fine-tuning. Having this kind of control allows you to easily make your adjustments as well as to keep your eyes on the image while doing so.

Adjust HSL at the turn of a wheelShow before and after also with a press of a button

It might not be much, but having the Before/After button is not just for convenience. Instead of dragging your mouse all the way to the top of the screen to click on the Before/After button, using Loupedeck+ allows you to simply press a physical one.

Granted, it only saves you a couple of milliseconds, but we appreciate it nonetheless. You will too, especially because it gives you the ability to keep your eyes on your photo while activating the feature.

Another button worth noting is the ScreenMode one next to it, which, at default, switches to a full screen view of your open photo.

Do the same to undo or redo last action

Dragging your mouse, clicking Edit then selecting Undo/Redo, or even pressing Command+Z over and over again, is a thing of the past. With the Loupedeck+ console, you need only press the Undo and Redo buttons to undo or redo your last action.

Located conveniently on the top left corner of the console, quickly accessed with your left middle finger, the Undo button jumps to the previous state in your workflow while the Redo button reactivates the next state in your workflow. Trust us, it makes a great difference when you only have to press one button, especially ergonomically.

Make HDR adjustments using dials

Obviously and most importantly, however, Loupedeck+ supports Aurora’s fundamental HDR tools and settings. Nine dials on the console are assigned to the nine functions under its HDR Basic tab—Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Blacks, Whites, Clarity and Shadows—allowing you to access them individually.

The dials also let you adjust and fine-tune each one according to the look you’re trying achieve. Plus, pressing on each resets the assigned setting to its default value for more convenience. That’s all without you having to drag your mouse back and forth or taking your eyes off the photo you’re editing, allowing you to focus more on your creative process.

All these and much more make Loupedeck+ an incredible, user-friendly and efficient photo editing peripheral for Aurora HDR. Not convinced? Here’s our very own Richard Harrington, VP of Education, for an unboxing and a quick video tutorial of the essentials when using the original Loupedeck photo editing console with Aurora HDR.

Make HDR adjustments using dials

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Written by

Michelle Rae Uy

Global Content Manager, Skylum Software

Michelle Rae Uy is an editor, writer, traveler and photographer based in Los Angeles. She's responsible to bring you fresh engaging content on behalf of Skylum, and keep the multi-million Skylum user community happy.

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