Edit portrait
photography like a pro

Get high-quality results with fast and easy portrait editing tools that require no learning curve. Use one-click presets, precise and adjustable AI masking, and batch processing to free up time for more photo sessions

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Perfect skin in a click

Save time with specialized portrait photo editing tools for automated skin retouching that give your model a smooth skin and remove any imperfections, preserving texture and a natural look.


Retouch skin


Retouch skin


Retouch skin


Retouch skin


Accentuate the eyes

Enhance the vibrancy of iris colors, adding flare and brightness. No masking required with our AI portrait editor.

Make them stand out with realistic bokeh

Draw focus to your subject by creating a pleasing, dreamy blur in the background.

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What are the distinct features of the project "Barcelona" portrait editor?

Project "Barcelona" has a variety of AI-powered portrait photo effects you can use to enhance your images for high-quality results, including skin retouching, eye enhancement, and realistic bokeh. You’ll also find presets and batch processing that will save you time. The project "Barcelona" editor will help you streamline your editing so you can focus on what you love doing most – taking photos.

How to edit portrait photos using the project "Barcelona" editor?

Use the portrait editing software of the project "Barcelona" to enhance facial features, colors, and remove imperfections, showing your subjects in their best light.

Is the project "Barcelona" included in the Luminar Neo subscription?

Portrait photo editing software of the project "Barcelona" is a separate app from Luminar Neo and is not included in the Luminar Neo subscription.

What plans are available?

Sign up for the waiting list and be the first to find out new information about plans and prices.

What tools does this portrait photography editor have?

Skin retouching, face features enhancement, presets, selective masking, and more. Join the waiting list and be the first to find out new information about the project "Barcelona".

Is it possible to change the complexion in the project "Barcelona"?

Of course! You can easily adjust skin tone in the project "Barcelona" editor.

What features are available for eye editing?

You’ll find features for iris color enhancement, iris flare, eye whitening, eye enlargement, removing redness, and more.

Is it possible to make teeth whiter?

Sure, you can whiten teeth with a simple control.

What discounts do you offer in your portrait photo editor?

Find out all about the pricing and discounts by joining the waiting list.

What tools do you have for backgrounds?

You’ll be able to automatically remove backgrounds behind subjects and apply a dreamy bokeh effect.