How to Photograph Jewelry

January 01

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If you are in jewelry business, you should know that good presentation is a half of the deal.

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Photographing jewellery isn’t as simple as it looks like. The photographer needs to attach or dangle the piece of jewellery so that it stays at a steady position. It seems like a daunting task to photograph jewellery because it may be too tiny, having shaded stones attached to it. Mostly, you're attempting to capture the fine details and depth in three or four square inches, could be more. But do not worry, here are some factors that you need to keep an eye on while photographing jewellery, and with quite some practice, you’ll eventually learn the art of photographing jewellery.

It may seem difficult at first, so take one step at a time.

Selecting A Background That Enhances Your Jewellery

Set up a background that compliments your product. A fitting ideal background will rely upon the type of jewellery you are trying to capture, whether it's all metal or an intense shaded gem. You can choose a spotless white background, or utilize dark paper or dark acrylic.

Understanding The Light Factor

The first thing to look out for is to never use rough or unpleasant light. It is a major error photographers make, when it comes to photographing jewellery. Make a habit to photograph your jewellery in delicate, characteristic daylight spilling in from a window, or manufactured studio lighting. It would be helpful if you go through your camera's manual mode, so you can control how much or how minimal light your camera pulls into making your photos.

Capturing Fine Details

Capturing tiny in-depth details is important. In order to do that you need to use quick shutter speed (1/125 - 1/250), set your aperture at f/8 or better. Using a tripod is a plus when it it comes to capturing at different angles because your customers need to be able to see the jewellery from all angles, however no need to utilize it when you’re shooting straight down. Hold your breath as you click the shutter to avoid shake.

Editing Your Photos

Luminar is an all-in-one photo editor intended to guarantee an enhancement to your captures. Luminar interface is designed on the concept that each photographer is distinctive, and they capture in their own ways. Luminar provides you user interface configurations and options that match your editing style and needs. This software can be installed on trial version basis, and can be activated for just under 70$ which is a lot cheaper than other photo-editing softwares. You will need a good editing software if you are clicking jewels as editing can remove blemishes and improve light to make your pictures stand out.

Final Verdict

You need to give careful consideration to lighting, various angles are also necessary while capturing tiny jewellery because customers want to examine it from all angles. Maintain a strategic distance from your product, warming up by taking some test photos would give the idea about the environment and the adjustments that needs to be made. And finally, don’t forget to edit the photo if you want it to get a professional look.