Importing photos to AirMagic

Importing photos to AirMagic

To start using AirMagic, you first need to upload a photo. If you want to see how AirMagic works, you may want to open a sample image first. To do that, click on Open Sample Image at the bottom of the AirMagic window.

To start enhancing your own photos, either:

    Click the Open button in the AirMagic window, which will open a Finder window (File Explorer for Windows) where you can select photos to upload; or

    Drag and drop an image to the AirMagic window. You can drag your photos from any computer location (e.g. Pictures or Downloads) or from your Photos app. You can also drag and drop a whole folder with images to start batch processing.


AirMagic supports RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG files that are at least 800x600 px.

If you have a single image open in AirMagic and want to replace it with a different one, you can drag a new image to AirMagic while holding the Command (⌘) (or Control (CTRL) for Windows) on your keyboard. This will replace the open image with the new one.

If you drag a new photo to AirMagic without holding Command (⌘) (or Control (CTRL) for Windows),the new image will be added alongside the one that was already open and the AirMagic batch window will open.

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