Using AirMagic as a Photos extension

Using AirMagic as a Photos extension

To install AirMagic as an extension, check the option in System Preferences > Extensions. To do that:

1. Open System Preferences

2. Click on Extensions

3. Locate AirMagic in the list and check the box next to it

To edit your image using AirMagic as a Photos extension:

1. Launch Photos and open your image

2. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner to open the editing menu

3. Click on Extensions and select AirMagic

After that, AirMagic will launch in extension mode and will start editing your image. After the magic is done, you can set the intensity of the adjustments using the Boost slider, or select a style you prefer.

When you’re satisfied with the result, click Save Changes. The edited photo will automatically be saved to Photos.

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