Create dynamic Black & White photos with this in-depth tutorial.

© Richard Harrington

Do you want to make dynamic Black & White photos? There's no better way than with Aurora HDR.  Join landscape photographer Richard Harrington as he shows you how to combine multiple exposures together and then perform a custom grayscale conversion.

This in-depth tutorial walks you through all the steps needed and even lets you use the same files to practice on your own. Watch the video tutorial here.

What You'll Learn

  • Best option for covering a scene with a wide dynamic range
  • How to merge multiple Raw photos together
  • How to compensate for perspective distortion
  • How to develop a color photo with the intent of black and white output
  • How to maximize dynamic range
  • How to create a custom black and white image using the HSL adjustment
  • How to save a native file for future editing
  • How to export for the web with the right color and compression settings

Using Transform to adjust perspective distortion

Converting a color image to black & white with the HSL adjustment

Before and After

Note: Download the files here

Files may be used for personal practice only... please don't post your results. (Images by © Richard Harrington)