A brief overview of the new possibilities and features in Luminar 2018 by Pro photographer Richard Harrington.

We sure hope you enjoy using Luminar as much as we do.  That’s why we’re so excited about the new version.  Luminar 2018 is about to ship and its filled with great new ways to make your photos look their best. 

Luminar 2018 offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing with advanced controls that are easy to use. 

Here are just some of the things you have to look forward to.

New & Improved Filters

We’ve added several new filters for beautiful images. These new options join our great collection of professional filters designed for all types of photographers. Plus with Luminar 2018, the best just keeps getting better.  We’ve gone back and fine-tuned our filters for dramatic performance boosts.

Here’s the best new filters:

  • Sun Rays. Add a whole new light source to your photo, the sun!  You can control its position, the warmth, and amount of glow for a subtle or even dramatic change in lighting. Combine the filter with blending modes for even more control to your lighting.

  • LUT Mapping. Use professional lookup tables to change the appearance of your photo quickly.  Choose from film stocks, black and white looks, and create color grades to unlock a new style in seconds.

  • Dodge & Burn. Paint precise brush strokes to lighten or darken areas of an image. These tools simulate traditional techniques used by darkroom photographers, you can use dodge & burn to nondestructively refine the light and shadows of a photo.

  • Hue Shift. This filter lets you roll the hue in a photo for subtle or dramatic changes.  A little is perfect to eliminate unwanted color tints while a big adjustment is perfect for the dramatic style.

  • Matte Look. Give your photos an aged look with flat color and high contrast.  This works well for both landscape and portraits to change the emotion of your image.

  • Brilliance/Warmth. Add rich color and warmth to any scene with this responsive filter.  Plus you can use negative values to tone down an image as well.

Raw Processing Power

New in Luminar 2018 is the RAW Develop filter for complete control over your raw images. Take complete control over tone and color for images that look rich and lifelike.  The new raw engine gives you an even better image to start with which makes for better end results. Create better images with an improved RAW engine that’s faster, with less noise and better color.