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Today we're sharing the most amazing photos made by Creative Kit users. These shots capture various moments at different time, but they all have settled on the pages of Skylum blog. If you want to see your photos and stories on this blog, send them to [email protected].

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Maricel Quesada

One of my favorite places to visit in Costa Rica is La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens, you get to see these beautiful waterfalls while immersing yourself in the rain forest.

After hiking down for around 20 min we arrived at this location, I was lucky enough that the light was great and due to the mist coming from the waterfall I got these great sunbeams.

Setting up and taking the photo was a little tricky because due to the wind and the amount of mist from the waterfall you could get wet really quickly, so I decided not to use my ND filter because if I did the exposure would be too long and the lens would get full of drops. 

So instead I decided to use a smaller aperture that would allow me a one-second exposure that gave me the effect in the water that I wanted.What do your photos say? | Skylum Blog(2)Photo by Maricel Quesada |  FB

John Woods

I worked for about two years to get this shot. The black background is a cloth I put behind the web. The sun needed to be behind the web with an angle of incidence of 35 to 40 degrees. 

When the sunlight hit the angle of incidence the water drops on the web exploded into thousands of sparkles. I snapped a bunch of images, the Intensify CK MegaDetails filter made this a very satisfying image.What do your photos say? | Skylum Blog(3)Photo by John Woods |  FB

Todd Arbini

My wife brought this very cool succulent home and I had to bracket this plant for AuroraHDR processing. I think it came out nice. AuroraHDR is the best app out there for High Dynamic Range processing from start to finish. Love it!!!

This a 5 bracket image at 2EV apart. I used the Indoor Realistic preset and did a little tweaking from there. Unsharp Mask in PS and my logo. That’s it… Shot with a Nikon D810 with a 200mm-500mm lens @400mm. F/5.6, .60sec, ISO 31.What do your photos say? | Skylum Blog(4)Photo by Todd Arbini | FB

Keith Walmsley

This is a picture of Marina Sands at night just before the light show starts. A very popular place for tourists at night to gather to see the light show, the coloured lights seen in front of the building is a boat passing by.

The top of Marina Sands looks like a long boat which is actually a swimming pool. A Wonderful looking building.What do your photos say? | Skylum Blog(5)Photo by Keith Walmsley | FB

What do your photos say? | Skylum Blog(6)

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