Checking for new versions of AirMagic

Checking for new versions of AirMagic

If you’re connected to the internet while using AirMagic, you’ll be notified when there’s a newer version available. It’s a good idea to have the latest version of the software installed on your computer.

To check for a new version of AirMagic manually, go to AirMagic Help (for Windows)/AirMagic(for MacOS) > Check for Updates.


If you downloaded AirMagic from the App Store or Setapp, this option will be unavailable. You’ll get all updates through the App Store or Setapp.

To check your current version, launch AirMagic, click on AirMagic in the top menu, and select  AirMagic Help (for Windows)/ Apple logo (for MacOS) > About AirMagic.

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