Vintage Photo Editor

Creative outlets like photography often reflect our culture’s nostalgia for the past. A vintage photo effect gives us a feeling of warmth, grit, or quality. And though it’s hard to make an unedited digital photo reflect a retro feel, Luminar can help you accomplish the effect in post-processing.

Presets & Vintage
Photo Effects

Presets offer fantastic starting or finishing effects if you want to make your photos look vintage. And they’re really easy to use. Look to the preset menu bar at the bottom and browse from over sixty photo presets. You can apply them to your picture and then further edit these effects with the side-bar controls to get the specific vintage photo effect you want. Or you can use a specific vintage preset like “The Vintage Effect”, “Happy Memories,” or even “Subway.”

Black-and-White Vintage Photo
What would vintage editing be without black-and-white photo options! Check out vintage presets like “Film Noir” for dramatic photos with heavy black tones and tons of grain. “Sepia” is also a good option if you want your image to look early 1900’s vintage. Or if you’re looking for more of a classic black-and-white photo with a vintage edge, try the photo preset “60s Black-and-White.”

Happy memories Subway Vintage effect

Filters & Vintage Photo Effects

Manually editing your photo for a vintage effect is the best way to get the exact style you want. It’s not difficult: you can easily produce a vintage photo effect using the default right sidebar to start. For color, to start, try and warm up your photo using temperature, desaturate it a bit, add a purple slight purple hue and then pull the contrast down

To take it even further, you’d do well to add “HSL” controls so you can adjust each color in the photo separately, “Split Tone” so you can warm up the shadows and cool the highlights in the photo, and of course, “Grain” to add that film look! For black-and-white pull the saturation down, play with contrast and be sure to add grain or a bit of vignette.

Add a Vintage Photo Texture
Luminar also offers an important feature called “Texture Overlay” which can be used to achieve a vintage photo effect. Find a photo of gritty paper or a bleached texture and add it over top of your original photo. Then play with the transparency to get the effect exactly right!

Desaturate Split tone Grain Texture

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Photo effects

With Luminar’s numerous photo-editing options you can achieve a diverse range of creative photo effects, and create your own effects using various filter controls.

Photo Enhancer

Luminar offers the ability to quickly enhance the overall picture with eye-catching “presets” or control different photo-editing details using “filters”.

Color photo editor

The tones and colors that we perceive in photos present us with different moods and ideas. Luminar offers dozens of ways to maximize control over your color photos.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...

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