Using Styles

Using Styles

Styles are presets of carefully selected settings — temperature, saturation, contrast, and more — that add a thematic touch to your images. You can select among default styles created by the AI engine. Later, you’ll be able to visit our Skylum marketplace to get more styles.

How to start using styles

Click on Styles icon in the bottom left corner of the AirMagic window and select the style you want to apply. You can always revert back to the original look by selecting STYLE:ORIGINAL.

5 styles selected by AI

True to the AirMagic mindset, all built-in styles were created using artificial intelligence. At the beginning, we started with more than 200 styles and tested them on thousands of images. From there, with the help of folks who were eager to see these specific styles come to life, we narrowed our list down to five of the very best photo enhancement-worthy styles.

These five styles (Chinook, Cinematic, Emotional, Sandstorm, Zephyr) outperformed all others in the number of test images they were successful with, meaning that these styles themselves truly were chosen by artificial intelligence.

How to get more styles

If you want to try even more styles, click the Styles icon at the bottom left corner of the AirMagic window, then click the plus (+) icon on the right. You should end up at the Skylum marketplace where you can see examples of styles and purchase the most eye-catching.

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