Experience Aurora HDR 2018 with Trey Ratcliff

January 15

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Get inspired with Trey Ratcliff's videos, Facebook Live events and images.

Experience Aurora HDR 2018 with Trey Ratcliff Image1Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms.com) shares tips and inspiration using Aurora HDR 2018

Trey Ratcliff is known the world over as one of the premier users of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. As a co-creator with Skylum of Aurora, we asked him to share some of his tutorials and images with this award-winning software.Video Tutorials

Experience Aurora HDR 2018 with Trey Ratcliff Image2One of three videos where Trey Ratcliff shows his editing skills with Aurora HDR 2018

Here are several of Trey's Inspirational videos that he did using Aurora HDR 2018 on a few travel and aerial photos.

  • Trey Ratcliff Develops A London Travel Photo. Trey Ratcliff breaks down the steps that he did to create his final image using Aurora HDR 2018. Using filters, layers and masks, he was able to achieve the look that he was going for.
  • Trey Ratcliff Develops Two Travel Images. Starting out with beginners in mind, Trey Ratcliff demonstrates how to use Aurora HDR 2018 with Presets and several of his favorite filters and then he shows another image with more advanced features applied to an aerial panaroma.

Facebook Live Events

Experience Aurora HDR 2018 with Trey Ratcliff Image3

Check out some posts that Trey did on Facebook Live where he talks about Aurora HDR 2018 as app of the year and also as he edits a single RAW photo.

Images From Japan

Experience Aurora HDR 2018 with Trey Ratcliff Image4Image by Trey Ratcliff

Get inspired by these beautiful images that Trey took while in Japan and then processed using Aurora HDR 2018. 

Check out Trey Ratcliff's website: stuckincustoms.com

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