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Here are the winners of Insta Challenge by Skylum

August 05

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Join the word of pro photographers and spread a word about Insta Challenges from Skylum!

It's high time to see what photos can be named as the best nature photos! Albert Dros has selected three photos from over 200 submissions. Just take a look at the photos and the comments to them.

Vincent Croce

Vincent CroceInsta challenge link:

Comment by Albert Dros: Photographing in the forests is like a whole different trade in landscape photography. With the right light and morning, I can spend hours wandering in forests trying to find the perfect compositions by combining light with compositions from trees. I often shoot with a longer lens to get that compressed look. 

I love how Vincent used a wider lens here and still really made the focus right in this shot. The light rays are being used perfectly here by carefully composing some rays in the foreground, giving us that 1 bright spot that takes us in the photo from there. A great forest shot by Vincent!

Sascha Brosi

Sascha BrosiInsta challenge link:

Comment by Albert Dros: I know how hard it is to shoot the northern lights in a good way. They move very unpredictable. It’s not just pointing your camera at the sky and shoot. Different exposure times give different results and it’s also always a challenge to find the right composition and colour balance. I love this photo because it’s not a standard aurora shot. 

It’s like the aurora is coming out of the cone of these 2 peaks up into the sky. Kind of like a volcano erupting an aurora. The little cloud above makes for an extra touch regarding the colour balance of the total shot. It matches the white peaks below making this photo complete. Well done and congratulations Sascha.

Baillie Farley

Baillie FarleyInsta challenge link:

Comment by Albert Dros: I Love night skies and I love shooting the milky way myself. This photo is truly impressive. For one: there is almost no light pollution on the horizon. The very few that there is complements the scene by making the trees stand out. The milky way itself is very vivid making me think this was probably shot in NZ or Australia. 

There are several layers in this shot which make it so pleasing to the eye for me. First, there’s of course the beautiful night sky. Then there’s the layer of trees. It’s a very surreal scene and the mist on the floor really adds to that. The shape and number of the trees are great. They don’t overlap each other, they are not messy. Then the final layer is the little foreground texture that really helps to make this scene complete. A top notch night shot. Congrats Baillie!

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Want to become a winner of the next Insta challenge by Skylum?

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