Update on drone donations

Skylum Software is a Ukraine-founded and Ukraine-based company. Almost the entire Skylum team located across various Ukrainian cities was woken by the sound of shelling on February 24, 2022.

A couple of days later, in early March, we began our campaign for drone donations. We wrote a blog post, sent several emails, reached out to all our partners, and contacted all our media connections. In short, we pulled all the strings and used all our resources to help our army, territorial defense units, and emergency services protect our homeland.

As a result, we received hundreds of emails from people who wanted to help us — and not even always with drones. We also saw several publications around the world that are unrelated to photography support our initiative.

We believe we owe all of you a short report on how many people volunteered to donate, how many “birds” we’ve received so far, and how many of them are already flying in Ukraine.

Over the course of 90+ days since the start of the Russian invasion:

  • 300+ people have volunteered to donate a drone
  • 86+ drones have been received in Ukraine
  • 79 drones have been shipped to Ukraine and are in transit

Besides drones, we have also received:

  • 2 custom-made UAVs that are in service of our artillery units right now
  • Several battery chargers, goggles for FPV drones, and other necessary accessories
  • An incalculable amount of support and kind words from all around the world — from the US to the UK, Norway, New Zealand, and Japan

We also want to thank KOLO — a charitable organization that came to us with the idea for requesting drone donations and whose team members supported the project as well.

The Skylum team is proud to be part of a community of such wonderful people, and we can’t express enough the feeling we have when we see how the world unites to do something bigger than any one of us.

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