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This week we've collected the best photos from those you've sent to [email protected]. A photo and a story that stands behind it. Just take a look below.

John Woods

Sparks Lake is a the bottom of MT Batchelor in Oregon, from there you can see the three Sisters mountain peaks, Faith, Hope and Charity. We spent the day shooting pictures, kayaking and fishing. 

We got our chairs, goose down lap robes and waited for the sun to set over Sparks Lake and the Sisters. I used Aurora to bring out the colors and the Noiseless CK denoise software to remove the noise from the sky. I am very pleased with the results.What's behind your photos? | Skylum Blog(2)Photo by John Woods | FB

Keith Walmsley

This is Singapore Central Business District at night from across the bay. This is the most popular time in Singapore when the tourists are plenty and waiting for the Marina Sands building light show. The lights of the buildings reflect the water and the streaks of coloured lights are the small boats which tourist use to get close to the light show.

What's behind your photos? | Skylum Blog(3)Photo by Keith Walmsley | FB

Trebor Ydrah

These photos of fishing boats were taken with my iPhone, probably iPhone 4 at the time, on the shores of the Gulf of Tonkin near Hue in Vietnam in September and October 2010 . There were processed later in 2014 with version 1.0.2 of Intensify Pro.

I was tempted to re-process them now (I will probably do it with Tonality CK), but for the time being I am sending them as is. Intensify helped in enhancing out the details in the boat itself, the propeller and the fishing gear, as well as in the transparency and colours in the water pools. This ended up in what I find interesting pictures out of two more or less bland ones.What's behind your photos? | Skylum Blog(4)Photo by Trebor Ydrah | FB

Kevin Rose

Here is a shot of The Nine O’clock Gun in Vancouver, BC. Every night this cannon fires at 9PM and has done so for over 100 years. It is said that it’s purpose was to go off so that people on ships in the harbour and on shore in the early days of the city could set their clocks when it went off. 

It is a pretty cool thing to see and very loud. I like yo go over and try and get just the perfect shot. This one was shot with a Canon T2i, 50mm lens at f22, 100iso and 8 sec. Edited with Intensify CK and Noiseless CK.What's behind your photos? | Skylum Blog(5)Photo by Kevin Rose | FB

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