Reveal the hidden beauty
of the photos you take.

Boost details and add drama. Make your photos stand out Get instant results with dozens of pro presets. Or use powerful Structure, Sharpness and
Detail and Pro contrast enhancements for mind-blowing photos.

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drama & detail

Want your images to POP? Join thousands of photographers who have discovered Intensify. Four incredible detail algorithms help you get eye-popping depth that is noise-free, halo-free and full of life.

Intensify includes a vast number of ultra-powerful adjustments to deliver the image you saw when the shutter was pressed!


Reveal amazing hidden details without adding artifacts or pesky noise. Plus, separately control
Shadows and Highlights and the size of details affected to create the intensity of high-quality
images that will make your friends jealous!

Pro contrast

Achieve deeper, richer colors and detail in your images with Pro Contrast, giving you higher levels of photo intensity and image contrast throughout the pictures without loss of details. Precisely adjust levels across highlights, midtones and shadows, and experiment with our proprietary Offset control to make your images look amazing.

Micro sharpness

Dramatically improve the sharpness of your images without introducing noise or sharpening artifacts,
 as with other sharpening techniques. Advanced parameters such as Radius and Dehalo allow
you to fine tune this subtle yet dramatic effect and produce the highest quality images.

Layers & masking

Get the ultimate in creative flexibility by using up to 5 separate layers to stack effects and control different masked areas in your images.

Also use layers to selectively apply or fine-tune images adjustments such as exposure, saturation, and more. There’s no need to switch to Photoshop or other apps, when you can do everything inside of Intensify.

Powerful 16-Bit RAW processor
that fits your workflow

By reading native RAW images from most cameras, and working at 16 bits of data per pixel, Intensify can be relied on for the highest quality enhancements.

Work faster and smarter with a fine-tuned user interface and streamlined workflow that fits you. Run Intensify as a standalone app or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Apple Aperture. Ultimate flexibility!

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Here’s what Intensify users say

All versions rating:4.9, based on 729 User Reviews

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum   intensify Ellen Anon (Pro Photographer and Author) It offers several tools to bring out detail in images in ways that other software doesn’t. It’s proprietary algorithms help you reveal hidden details as well as emphasize subtle details in very controlled ways that go far beyond the usual sharpening. Intensify is now one of my go-to plug-ins for almost every image.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum   intensify Frank Doorhof (Pro Photographer) For me Intensify Pro is used on an almost daily basis. Sometimes it's very visible and literally changes the look of the shot, but most of the time, I use it very subtlety to get that real nice 3D look with loads of detail. In short intensify intensifies my images... it simply rocks!

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum   intensify Colin Smith (Instructor and Author) Intensify pro is like the Clarity Slider in Lightroom on steroids, and then split up into 9 controls for absolute control over the details in your photographs. When it comes to bringing out texture and details, Intensify Pro leaves all others flat, literally.

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Luminar 2018

New powerful photo software by Skylum that brings
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Enjoy instant intensity and outstanding results with Luminar, the powerful photo enhancer that boosts details, adds drama and makes all of your photos stand out.

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System Requirements:
For OS X 10.9+, 97 MB space

Supported file formats:
RAW, TIFF 8-bit, 16-bit, PNG, JPEG

Intensify is available in these languages:


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