Influencers, fake likes, comments, and followers. Win a book and discover the Instagram black market that’s hidden in plain sight.

Trey Ratcliff, travel photographer and co-creator of Aurora HDR, exposes the cunning tricks Social Media Influencers use to buy their way into the lucrative, multi-billion dollar world of social media brand sponsorship, world travel, and free merchandise in his book “Under the Influence. How to Fake Your Way into Getting Rich on Instagram. Influencer Fraud, Selfies, Anxiety, Ego, and Mass Delusional Behavior”.

Discover the Instagram black market, hidden in plain sight. Meet these fake “Influencers” - with seemingly glamorous lives, but no real sway on social media - who are fraudulently cheating the system by buying likes, comments, and followers. You'll find out how little the social networks and agencies are actually doing to protect major brands across every industry, who these Influencers are defrauding to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Go on a deep dive into the social media black market and explore its harmful psychological effects with Trey Ratcliff, a social media insider who has accrued over 5 million followers (170K on Instagram) the honest way. Take a trip through the behind-the-scenes economics of social media, learn how to spot fake accounts, and discover how it’s possible to stay zen on the Internet - without needing to unplug completely.

Want to get a copy? Enter to win by following these simple steps:

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How will we choose the winner?

The Skylum team will choose the most unique and creative comment. We will give away 3 copies of the book, so don’t spare your comments and share with your friends!

The winners will be announced on May 29 on Skylum Instagram account.

Good luck!

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