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 Get High-Quality Results with the RAW Image Converter

Looking for a robust raw image converter? Luminar Neo is the best way to view raw files and process them, pull out the maximum detail, and get sharp and eye-catching images without loss of quality

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How to Process RAW Files in Luminar Neo? 

After importing a folder with RAW files to Luminar Neo, find the Develop RAW tool. It contains the most essential controls for adjusting the color and tone of an image. Adjustments made with this tool will set the stage for all further editing. Note that the RAW indicator will only show next to Develop when an unedited RAW file is opened for editing!
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Why is it Better to Shoot in RAW?

Achieve the best exposure

RAW files capture more dynamic range, giving you extra post-production flexibility to darken the highlights while raising the shadows and letting you properly tone map your images.

Get the highest image quality 

When shooting in RAW, all sensor data is recorded, resulting in images of the highest quality.

Have total freedom in post-processing

RAW files allow you to capture as much information as possible so you can correct issues in post-processing that would be impossible to correct in JPEG format. Use a RAW file viewer and converter like Luminar Neo to edit RAW files.

See the World in RAW with a RAW Image Viewer

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RAW files can be edited to produce a wide range of creative results, they are particularly well-suited for the following types of photography.

High Dynamic Range (HDR): RAW files retain a broader dynamic range, allowing for better recovery of highlights and shadows. 

Low Light/High ISO: RAW files handle noise and low-light situations better than compressed file formats. 

Landscape Photography: RAW files capture a greater amount of detail, and allow for more precise adjustments to highlight intricate textures, colors, and fine details in the landscape.

Portrait Photography: RAW files offer greater control over skin tones, color grading, and retouching in post-processing.

Product Photography: RAW files retain the most information about a product's colors, textures, and details, making them excellent for product photography. 

The Art of RAW Photos

Achieve fantastic photos with the help of RAW pictures. Shoot in RAW, pay attention to composition and lighting, adjust white balance and exposure, tweak color and contrast, apply sharpening and noise reduction, get creative! Experiment, practice, and develop your own editing workflow. It’s all possible in Luminar Neo.

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Explore Other Features

Luminar Neo has plenty of other features to help you edit faster and easier
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Enhance AI
Automatically apply up to a dozen controls with one slide
© Thomas Kragiannis
Erase for removing unwanted objects in one click
© Ksusha Kazak
Skin AI
Skin for flawless skin without imperfections
© Sherwin Magsino
Composition AI
Composition for perfect crops and perspective
© Jabi Sanz
Relight AI
Bring back natural light in your photos
Black & White
© PetrSimon
Black & White
Converting color photos to black and white is simple

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “a RAW photo” mean?

A "RAW photo" refers to an image file format that contains minimally processed and uncompressed data directly captured by the camera's image sensor. It is often referred to as a "digital negative" because it preserves the most amount of detail and information captured during the image capture process. You’ll need a RAW photo viewer like Luminar Neo to view and process just photos.

Why do you need to convert to RAW?

You don't convert images to RAW format; rather, you capture images in RAW format directly using your camera. A RAW file converter is needed to convert your RAW files into files of other formats.

How to convert RAW files?

Converting RAW files into more commonly used file formats like JPEG or TIFF is easy. You'll need to use specialized RAW converters software. You can do it easily in Luminar Neo.

How to convert JPG to RAW?

It’s impossible to do RAW converting as in convert JPG to RAW, since RAW has more details and data. You’ll need to shoot directly in RAW format to retain all the details. 

What tools in Luminar Neo suit RAW files?

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