Get unlimited freedom to create your best pieces of art with a huge software bundle from Skylum!

What comes to mind when you see the letters XXL? For many people, it means "super-size" and "extra special". When you add those letters to Creative Kit though, you know what's coming are fantastic possibilities for your photos. We've put together a new bundle with over $2000 worth of software, training, textures, ebooks and more to bring you our biggest offer ever. We want you to bring all of your artistic ideas to life. Meet Creative Kit XXL!

Here's what you get with a new XXL bundle:

1. Six powerful apps from Skylum

Photo editing is fun, exciting and inspirational when you have powerful and versatile software. Creative Kit consists of the following six applications that you can use on your Mac:

  • Tonality - for black and white photography
  • Snapheal - for removing unwanted objects from photos
  • Noiseless - for reducing digital noise in your images
  • FX Photo Studio - for applying filters, presets and frames
  • Intensify - for enhancing photos with one click
  • Focus - for creative blurring and focusing

These apps are only a small part of Creative Kit XXL. Creative Kit XXL | Skylum Blog(2)

2. Over 40 photo e-books, guides, and tutorials. 

Here's a small sample of what you can learn from them:

  • How to choose your style in photography
  • How to select a camera and all the gear
  • All you need to know about locations, lighting
  • The story behind the photos of top pro photographers
  • How to process your photos: from beginners to pro
  • How to share the images with the world

Creative Kit XXL | Skylum Blog(3)

3. Over than 1200 presets and sample RAW files from pro photographers. 

This pack includes:

  • Pro presets for all six Creative Kit applications
  • Pro presets for Lightroom
  • RAW files from Dmitry Sytnyk
  • Dozens of textures for stunning effects
  • Unlimited freedom in photo editing

Creative Kit XXL | Skylum Blog(4)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

You can purchase all parts of the bundle separately and pay $2000.00. Or you can take advantage of a new bundle and pay only $129.00. You save 93%.

What's the catch?

This bundle is available temporarily until June 1, 2016. It will no longer exist, that's why there's such a discount.

What if I'm not satisfied with the bundle?

Skylum software company offers a thirty-day money back guarantee. It means you will get a refund if something goes wrong.

Want more info? Visit the Creative Kit XXL page to get the whole story! 

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