Download and use these Presets to fix problem images.

Luminar 2018 - Free RAW Develop Presets(2) © Abba Shapiro

This month's set of free Presets uses only the RAW Develop filter to fix problem images and quickly create a look. There are presets that help turn day into night, fix photos where people in the foreground are underexposed due to a bright background, enhance sunsets, and quickly improve flat and otherwise dull images.

The idea behind this month’s presets is to get you comfortable with the RAW Develop filter.

Before and After Examples

Here are some before and after examples of how these RAW Develop Presets can fix issues in a photo. As with all presets, keep in mind that they are starting points. Adjusting the blending mode or Filters Amount slider between your original image and a preset can give you a completely different look feel. I’ve processed three images using some of the RAW Develop Presets.

The first example, “Enhance My Sunset” really changes the look of an underexposed evening shot overlooking Shanghai. Two of my favorites are “Enhance My Sunset” to make those gold and yellow hues pop and “Help I’m Blown Out” to fix the overexposed shots.

Luminar 2018 - Free RAW Develop Presets(3) The "Enhance My Sunset" Preset applied showing before and after - © Abba Shapiro

The second image “Save My Skies” tends to lighten the image a bit and pulls the colors towards blue and cyan.

Luminar 2018 - Free RAW Develop Presets(4) Before using the "Save My Skies" Preset - © Abba Shaprio

Luminar 2018 - Free RAW Develop Presets(5) After using the "Save My Skies" Preset - © Abba Shaprio

And the final image, “Bring Me into the Light” Preset, shows how you can save an image where the background is so bright that your subject is under exposed.

Luminar 2018 - Free RAW Develop Presets(6) Before and After using the "Bring Me Into The Light" Preset - © Abba Shaprio

Remember to try each of the presets on a variety of images. You may be happily surprised at the results.

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