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The OXYT World Photography Award is a new photo competition sponsored by OXYT Technology, a German technology start-up, and Skylum Software.

The theme of this contest “The Beauty of the World” challenges photographers to illustrate the natural beauty of our world and why it should be protected. Photography has a unique power to tell such stories with a creativity which engages the both the heart and the mind of the viewer.

Competition categories include:

  • Nature
  • People
  • Objects


Overall Winner

Additionally to the normal prize, the overall winner will get a special prize from OXYT Technology.

Category Winners

In each category, the top 10 photographs will be selected for recognition. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

First Place

  • 200€ voucher from OXYT Technology
  • A copy of Luminar 4.

Second Place

  • 100€ voucher from OXYT Technology
  • A copy of Luminar 4.

Third Place

  • 50€ voucher from OXYT Technology
  • A copy of Luminar 4.

Places 4-10

  • More information available in February

Additional prizes may be announced during the event in February.


  • Images may be captured using any camera format, including mobile phone cameras.
  • All submissions should have a minimum resolution of 12 MP.
  • Participants may submit a single photo in any two categories.
  • If individual people may be clearly identified in the photo, the submission must be accompanied by a photo release.


A jury of photographers and industry specialists will decide on the winner. The jury will be announced in February 2021.


The competition will begin on December 5th at 16:00 CEST during the live launch event of the OXYT Proton on YouTube. Submissions will be accepted through June 01, 2021.

In February, a short event will be presented to announce the jury.

Winners will be announced on August, 14, 2021 on site in Germany.


To participate simply send us your photos together with a short description to [email protected].

You’ll also find all information regarding the award on and during the live stream on OXYT Technology's YouTube Channel.

We look forward to seeing what stories you tell about our beautiful world … in a single frame.

OXYT World Photography Award 2021 | Skylum Blog(2)

NOTE: Contest details are still being finalized and are subject to change.

OXYT World Photography Award 2021 | Skylum Blog(3)

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