60+ Lightroom Plugins
to Supercharge Your Workflow


For pros, for beginners – for all photography lovers! Luminar Flex is the best starting point for your creativity and a powerful addition to your favorite photo editing app.


For those who needs to process HDR files easily thanks to its advanced tone mapping algorithms.

For those who wants to make automatic adjustments to their images rather than spend time tweaking the basic settings.

Luminar Flex

The most advanced photo editing plugin for Mac & PC.

Luminar Flex is one of the best Lightroom plugins and will dramatically boost your workflow. With over 50 filters and smart tools, it can meet even the most sophisticated demands, from robust color correction to creating composite images.

As a plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Apple Photos, Luminar Flex brings intuitive controls and unique Looks to the photo editor you already use. Alongside a dedicated RAW develop filter and perfect retouching tools, Luminar Flex offers authentic AI filters to automatically enhance your photos.

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Aurora HDR '19

Your images — amplified, vivid, captivating.

Adobe Lightroom plugins can be extremely helpful in adding new features to the software or improving upon existing features by a good margin. Aurora HDR does both.

Every photographer who works with HDR in Lightroom knows that the software doesn’t offer too much control over HDR photos. This is where Aurora HDR is a lifesaver. It’s one of the most highly regarded HDR editors out there, and its Lightroom plugin gives you a ton of control over HDR files within Lightroom.

You can use Aurora presets to give your photos a quick treatment or dive into the manual controls to eke out as much detail as you want from your HDR images. The results are as natural as can be expected from any HDR editor in 2018, and the speed at which Aurora HDR works is pretty stellar.

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Great photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Photolemur shouldn’t be overlooked when talking about the best Lightroom plugins because it offers something many other plugins don’t: Artificial Intelligence-enhanced automatic editing.

Photolemur automatically detects common flaws in your photos and fixes them using some impressive algorithms. With Photolemur as a plugin, you won’t ever have to worry about your exposure, colors, and more if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to get lost in Lightroom’s controls.

This plugin can be especially helpful for beginners who aren’t yet used to all the controls Lightroom offers and want something to help them along the way.

No photo editing experience? No problem

Adobe Lightroom plugins for quality masks

Getting the right mask can require a lot of brushwork. In Adobe Photoshop, this can take a lot of time and energy. These are the best Lightroom plugins that offer precise and easy-to-use masking tools.

Topaz ReMask

“Masking made easy so you can focus on the fun stuff.” That’s the motto of this Lightroom plugin. Topaz ReMask uses a color-coded system and helps you create the best quality mask in four steps: keep, cut, compute, and replace. Among its features are five different previews and side-by-side comparison, a Magic Brush for refinements, Color Range and Transparency Brushes for hard-to-select areas, and easy background replacement.

Topaz ReMask is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, and 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015, 2016, and 2018. It costs $69.99.

Focus Mask

Lightroom plugins that help you edit better are great, but what about the process of actually choosing the best shots from the hundreds that you’ve taken before you start editing? For that, you need something like Focus Mask. As the name suggests, this free Lightroom plugin lets you know what parts of a photo are in focus and to what extent. It gives images a red outline to signify the sharpest portion of each frame.

Adobe Lightroom plugins for filters and effects

Using predefined filters and effects saves time and improves image quality. Instead of doing one adjustment at a time, you can use one of the many Lightroom plugins that offer dedicated filters and creative effects. Some offer common adjustments, some fix lens errors, and some transform your photos into works of art. Here are the best Lightroom plugins for filters and effects.

Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs offers many Lightroom plugins and standalone products. Filters and effects are their biggest strength, as they offer a wide range of useful and artful functionality. Topaz plugins are available for Windows and Mac and are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, and 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015, 2016, and 2018. Here are the best Lightroom plugins offered by Topaz Labs:

Topaz Adjust — This plugin adjusts contrast, details, and color. Among its best features are adaptive exposure, detail enhancement without boosting noise, the ability to deal with exposure and details together or separately, adaptive color technology, and subtle adjustments. Topaz Adjust costs $49.99.

Topaz B&W Effects — This plugin transforms color images into monochrome. It enhance tonal contrast and texture to deliver impressive photos, uses adaptive exposure, and allows you to control the intensity of the filter. Topaz B&W Effects costs $59.99.

Topaz Clean — Dedicated to smoothing surfaces, this plugin keeps photos natural and preserves details and textures. Great for portraits and nature photography, Topaz Clean combines three steps: cleaning surfaces, cleaning edges, and recovering and enhancing the original details. Topaz Clean costs $29.99.

Topaz Lens Effects — This plugin includes 29 filters and lens effects that achieve many post-processing requirements. It offers a wide range of filters including Bokeh, Tilt-shift Lenses, Creative Blur, Vignette, Motion Blur, Diffusion, and Polarization. Topaz Lens Effects costs $79.99.

Topaz ReStyle — With over 1,000 high-quality effects and easy ways of working with them, you can use ReStyle to change the mood of your photos, add drama, or improve image quality. The plugin uses a grid view, which makes previews and comparisons easy. You can search for effects using keywords. Topaz ReStyle costs $59.99.

Topaz Star Effects — If you didn’t use a star filter on your lens and you want that star effect, you can use Topaz Star Effects. It creates natural lighting effects including sun rays, lens flare, and sunbeams. Topaz Star Effects costs $29.99.

Topaz Studio — This isn’t just another Lightroom plugin; it’s an entire image editor. Topaz Studio is an image effect toolbox that hosts other Topaz Labs plugins, but it also works as a standalone application. Topaz Studio offers tools and effects for image enhancement. It’s fast and easy to use, making common adjustments like contrast and exposure doable in just a few clicks. Topaz Studio is one of the best free Lightroom plugins.

Alien Skin Software

Passionate and dedicated, the team at Alien Skin Software develop several plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom. Their products are creative and time-saving, and the results are spectacular. Here are the best Lightroom plugins offered by Alien Skin Software:

Snap Art — This is a plugin that transforms your photos into works of art. Based on visual elements and techniques used by artists, Snap Art gives a digital photograph the look of a painting. You can choose from a wide range of styles and presets, and the process is easy and fast.

Snap Art is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or newer. It costs $149.

Exposure X4 — This is a RAW photo editor that offers advanced non-destructive adjustments, creative editing tools, and customizable predefined looks. Among the many features of Exposure X4 are shadow and highlight recovery, adjustable light effects, transform tools, organizer tools, and monitored folders to allow you to edit images during a photo session. Exposure X4 can be use as standalone software or as a plugin. It costs $119, is available for Windows and Mac, and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 and newer.

ON1 Photo RAW

This is both a photo editor and a photo organizer. ON1 Photo RAW offers all the basic adjustments you need in a single place. It also gives you tools for organizing and managing catalogs and photos. It works with layers, RAW files, and a lot of presets. Among its features are stackable and editable effects, built-in filters, panorama stitching, and printing.

ON1 Photo RAW is available for Windows and Mac, as a Lightroom plugin, and as a standalone application. It costs $99.99 and requires Adobe Lightroom 5, 6, or newer.

The Fader

Created by Capture Monkey, The Fader is a Lightroom plugin that allows you to choose the intensity of any preset. The Fader gives you a slider to decide how strongly you want to apply a preset, up to 150%.

The Fader is free, but to use its full capabilities you need to register it for $10. It’s available for Windows and Mac, and you can use it with Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 and newer.

Digital Film Tools

Digital Film Tools has a wide range of Lightroom plugins as well as filters and effects. Offering hundreds of presets and some very creative looks, Digital Film Tools products work with Windows and Mac and are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 3 and above. Here are the most interesting Lightroom plugins from Digital Film Tools:

Film Stocks — This plugin offers filters inspired by old movies and photographic techniques. It simulates more than 300 photographic film stocks, motion picture film stocks, and historical photographic processes. You can use it for color or black and white photos. It gives you a lot of vintage looks and a fine lesson in analog photography. Film Stocks costs $50.

Light — This plugin allows you to add light effects to your photos. Light offers realistic lighting and shadows and uses gobos (patterns) created by GAM Products and Rosco. Its effects create atmosphere and add fog, glow, and diffused light. Almost 2,000 gobos are available, organized into categories. Light uses layers and masking to give you full control over the process. It costs $50.


Nik Collection 2018 by DxO

This is a set of seven Lightroom plugins available for Windows and Mac. Among them are filters and retouching tools, all dedicated to amazing creative effects. You can buy this package of Lightroom plugins for €69. The 2018 Nik Collection by DxO includes the following filters and effects:

Color Efex Pro — This plugin brings 55 photographic filters for color retouching, correction, and artistic effects. Color Efex Pro is versatile and suits many styles of photography. The most famous feature is U Point technology, which allows you to choose a control point and select an area in a single step. Then the software makes adjustments directly connected to the control point.

Silver Efex Pro — This plugin is dedicated to black and white photography. You can use many presets but also individual controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, film type, toning, and more. Silver Efex Pro offers more than 20 black and white film types and creates classic looks. As in Color Efex Pro, U Point technology gives you the possibility to use selection and layer masks to perfectly adjust part of an image.

Viveza — This is a plugin that helps you master color and light. It’s designed to improve photo quality and is fast and easy to use. You can adjust an entire image and then do local adjustments using control points. Viveza is compatible with Adobe Photoshop Smart Filter.

Analog Efex Pro — This is a plugin for those who love analog photography. It gives you 14 tools to emulate classic cameras, films, and lenses. The effects can be mixed, and the results are similar to what you might achieve with darkroom processing techniques. You can use Control Points for the Basic Adjustments, Dirt & Scratches, Light Leaks, and Photo Plate tools.

Sharpener Pro — Dedicated to image sharpening, this plugin enhances subtle details and textures. As with all plugins from the Nik Collection, Sharpener Pro uses Control Points to allow you to work on a specific area. It’s compatible with Adobe Photoshop Smart Filter.

The Plugin Site

You can find many useful Lightroom plugins at The Plugin Site. They develop effects libraries and plugins for enhancing photos, extending Photoshop Elements, managing file formats, and more. These are their best Lightroom plugins dedicated to filtering and adding effects:

Hypertyle — This plugin offers more than 1,200 effects to add texture, erosion, edge, shadow, and more. Hypertyle allows up to 20 effects on the same image. It works only on Windows and costs $49.95.

Plugin Galaxy — This plugin has more than 160 basic presets dedicated to enhancing images and adding special effects. Plugin Galaxy works with 8-bit and 16-bit color images as well as with monochrome images. It includes filters for working with transparency, blurring, adding textures, adding noise, mirroring, colorizing, adding edges, and more. You’ll find rain, sunset and star, and other effects as well. Plugin Galaxy is available for Windows and Mac and costs $49.95.

PhotoWiz Collection — This collection gives you seven Lightroom plugins for improving and restoring your photos. Each of them offers useful adjustments like color, contrast, lighting, B&W conversion, sharpening, and noise control. The plugins included in the PhotoWiz Collection are ColorWasher, LightMachine, ContrastMaster, BWStyler, ColorStyler, FocalBlade, and NoiseControl. PhotoWiz Collection is available for Windows and Mac and costs $99.95.

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is a Lightroom plugin developed by Athentech and dedicated to image correction. It’s fast and efficient and offers more than 150 tools. Among its most appreciated features are noise removal, sky and foliage enhancement, intelligent sharpening, face improvements, light diffusion, and exposure control.

It’s available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5 and newer. Perfectly Clear costs $129.

Adobe Lightroom plugins for noise reduction

Noise is the most annoying flaw a photo can have. It can easily appear at high ISO, when shooting in low-light conditions, and in underexposed images. Here are the best Lightroom plugins for noise reduction.

Topaz Labs Denoise

This plugin removes several types of noise while preserving details and improving image quality. Topaz Denoise specializes in combating high ISO noise and noise created by fast shutter speeds, and recovers details even when they’re hidden in noise. It’s recommended for night photography. Topaz Denoise is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, and 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015, 2016, and 2018. It costs $79.99.


Dfine is part of the Nik Collection by DxO, and it can’t be bought separately. It’s dedicated to noise reduction and is based on camera profiles. Dfine preserves details and offers previews of the results. Using Control Points, Color Range, and Selective Tool, you can use Dfine to control noise reduction in a specific area of an image and apply different methods based on your content. Dfine can be used on Windows and Mac.

Adobe Lightroom plugins for portraits

If you’re a professional photographer who specializes in portraits, you don’t want to waste time looking for the right filter or image editor. You can use one of many dedicated Lightroom plugins and have everything you need in one place. Here are the most efficient plugins for retouching portraits.

Imagenomic Portraiture 3

This plugin is dedicated to skin retouching; you’ll find skin smoothing and enhancing effects and tone control. Portraiture 3 is compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 for Windows and Mac and costs $199.95.

PortraitPro Body

Developed by Athentech, PortraitPro Body is a plugin that lets you automatically select your model. It works with image recognition tools and reduces the time needed for selection so you can adjust the model separate from the background. It works with JPEG, TIFF, and RAW files. PortraitPro Body is available for Windows and Mac and costs $39.95.

Beauty Box Photo

Dedicated to skin retouching, this plugin from Digital Anarchy is fast and efficient at erasing skin blemishes and wrinkles. It evens skin tones and reduces shine, smooths the skin, and lets you work with many presets. Beauty Box Photo is designed for professional photographers who have to process thousands of photos in a similar manner. It’s available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5 and above. Beauty Box Photo costs $99.

Adobe Lightroom plugins for HDR photos

High dynamic range (HDR) photography is a powerful technique that extends the capabilities of a camera and achieves outstanding images. But to pull off convincing HDR, you need a good image editor by your side. Here’s a list of Lightroom plugins that will help you process HDR photos.

Photomatix Pro

This Lightroom plugin allows you to create HDR photos using a realistic or creative approach, with many presets to choose from. Photomatix Pro works as standalone software and as a Lightroom plugin. Among its best features are automatic alignment, ghost removal, six HDR styles and 40 presets, automatic exposure bracketing, and a friendly interface. Photomatix Pro costs $99 and is available for Windows and Mac.

easyHDR Pro

easyHDR Pro 3 has good reviews and many useful features. It allows you to merge images with different exposures, works with JPEG, TIFF, and RAW files, and offers live preview, color management, image alignment, batch processing, and ghost removal. Like Photomatix Pro, you can use easyHDR Pro as standalone software or as a Lightroom plugin.

easyHDR Pro 3 is available for Windows and Mac and costs €35 for home use and €59 for commercial use. The Lightroom plugin comes free with the standard software.

HDR Projects

This HDR software created by FRANZIS also comes with many useful features. Among them is new technology for merging images with different exposures, more than 100 presets, interactive graphical selection of HDR algorithms, natural color reproduction with color compression, 45 blend modes, and 71 templates for cutting pictures.

HDR Projects is available for Windows and Mac and costs $99, which gets you both the standalone software and the Lightroom plugin.


This plugin is dedicated to HDR and RAW photos. It offers real-time control over lighting and exposure and a non-destructive image editing engine. Among its features are four tone mapping engines, natural HDR processing mode, ghost removal, auto alignment and auto orientation, auto contrast and exposure corrections, edge sharpening, and batch processing. Oloneo works as standalone software and as a Lightroom plugin.

It’s available only for Windows and starts at $59.

Machinery HDR

This plugin offers not only editing tools but also polishing effects. It offers auto alignment, white balance control, the possibility to control details in different areas of a photo, noise control, natural HDR processing mode, and lot of presets. It even includes special filters like Watermark and Vignette.

Machinery HDR is available for Windows only and costs $49.


This is a Lightroom plugin that allows you to blend photos with different exposures. You can also blend photos where the focus is different or a series of photos for night photography image stacking.

LR/Enfuse is available for Windows and Mac, and you can use it for free. To unlock the full functionality, the developer requests that you make a donation to support development.

HDR Efex Pro

Included in the Nik Collection by DxO, this Lightroom plugin uses its own tone mapping algorithms. The results are subtle and realistic, and it’s frequently used for landscapes and interior scenes. HDR Efex Pro offers many presets, ghost reduction, previews, and a zoom navigator to analyze the smallest details. It’s available for Windows and Mac, but it can’t be bought separately from the rest of the Nik Collection.

Adobe Lightroom utility plugins

There are many Adobe Lightroom plugins that can make your life easier. They remember to back up your images for you, help you search your catalogs, and do all the administrative work you don’t want to spend time on. Here are the best Adobe Lightroom utility plugins.

Excire Search Pro

For €99 you can get Excire Search Pro, a Lightroom plugin that helps you search through your Lightroom catalog. It offers a keyword transfer function and a high-performance search engine.

Excire Search Pro is available for Mac and Windows. You can use it without an internet connection, as it runs locally on your machine. Don’t worry about space either. For 100,000 images, Excire Search Pro uses only around 650 MB of storage space.

LR Backup

Use LR Backup to back up your Lightroom environment. You can schedule Lightroom catalog backups and compress existing backups, saving space and time. LR Backup compresses better than the backup option built into Lightroom. Moreover, backups can be done automatically so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

LR Backup is compatible with Lightroom 2 and above. This plugin is donationware, which means you have to donate to unlock the full functionality.

Export List

For Mac users, Export List is a great plugin that helps you export lists and run reports. It uses photo metadata and generates reports in any form you need: text, Excel, CSV, etc.

Export List is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and above and costs only $10.

Geoencoding Plug-In

This free Lightroom plugin is for you if you wish to embed photos with location information. You can choose one of many ways to incorporate GPS data in the metadata of your photos, making it easier for your audience to know where they were taken. It also offers tracklog geoencoding and reverse-geoencoding, fast full-catalog proximity search, and support for viewing photos by location.

Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom Plugins

Jeffrey Friedl has a long list of Lightroom plugins. Here are the most interesting:

Crop for iPad and Other Devices

If you need to crop an image to device dimensions, Jeffrey’s Crop for iPad and Other Devices Lightroom Plugin can help. When you export an image, the plugin crops it to the exact size of the screen you need it for, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, TV, or other device.

Bulk Develop Settings

Bulk Develop Settings allows you to apply noise-related settings automatically based on camera model, ISO, and exposure. You can adjust luminance noise reduction, color noise reduction, contrast, and clarity, and also increase the sharpening mask.

These are two of the many free Lightroom plugins you’ll find on Jeffrey’s site. Donations are appreciated but not required. These plugins are compatible with Lightroom 3 and above and are available for Windows and Mac.


If you’re looking for duplicates, this is the right plugin for you. Teekesselchen is a fast duplicate finder available for Windows and Mac. It’s free and compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5.


Deduplicator is another Lightroom plugin that helps you find duplicate images in your catalogs. It uses a perception hash algorithm and identifies duplicates independent of file format. Deduplicator is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 6 and 7. You can use it for free.

Photo Caption Filler

The utility category of Lightroom plugins includes Photo Caption Filler, which helps you add captions to your images. It uses metadata and provides an easy way of adding date, time of capture, camera model, lens, and other information to your captions.

Photo Caption Filler costs $5 and is available for Windows and Mac. You can use it if you have Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 or higher.

Adobe Lightroom metadata plugins

Metadata is information that helps photographers classify and manage images. Professional photographers have thousands of pictures to organize, and it’s essential for them to do so quickly and efficiently. Here are the best Lightroom plugins for dealing with metadata.

LRB Releases

LRB Releases is a plugin that helps you add Model and Property Release metadata to your images. You can also add a number for ease of searching. LRB Releases is a great plugin if you work in fashion or commercial photography and have many shots of the same model.

LRB Releases is available for Windows and Mac. It’s compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5, and you can use it for free.

HashtagIA for Lightroom

Artificial intelligence is extremely useful in image processing, and tagging images is one of its best use cases. HashtagIA for Lightroom is a plugin that automatically tags photos using artificial intelligence algorithms.

HashtagIA for Lightroom is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and above. It uses a credit based billing system, meaning you pay every time you use it.

D65 Lightroom Keywords

D65 Lightroom Keywords makes choosing the right keywords easier. It includes a list of over 8,600 keywords you can use when tagging images. Keywords are divided into categories. Using a predefined set of keywords helps you to maintain a homogeneous catalog and makes searching fast and efficient.

D65 Lightroom Keywords is available for Windows and Mac. It’s compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5 and costs $100.


Another way of tagging your photos is to use keywords and their synonyms. EasyTag is a Lightroom plugin that extracts the words from a photo’s title and caption and delivers their synonyms. All you have to do is mark the keywords and the synonyms you want to use and the plugin will use them to tag your photos. EasyTag can work with a single image or a set of images. It also learns from your decisions to provide relevant keywords.

EasyTag is free for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 5 and 6.

Adobe Lightroom collaboration plugins

In the world of photography, collaboration is essential. Professional photographers work closely with their models and clients. There’s a constant dialog, and photographers have to adjust photos according to their clients’ choices. Many Lightroom plugins focus of the relationship between photographers and clients. Here are the best of them.


Evlaa is one of several Lightroom plugins that let you share your photos without leaving the image editor. Moreover, you can see clients’ ratings and comments directly in Lightroom, and it even allows you to create online galleries and receive purchase orders and payments.

Evlaa is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and above. You can use Evlaa free for 15 days and then buy one of the plans, which start at €6 per month.

Fashion Team

Fashion Team is dedicated to professional fashion photographers. It helps you keep track of the work done by your team members. You can tag an entire photo session by selecting photos and adding information. Then you can track each team member, client, publication, model, hair stylist, etc.

Fashion Team is available for Windows and Mac. It’s free and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5.

Adobe Lightroom sync plugins

It’s not enough to take amazing pictures and edit them using the best Lightroom plugins. You need to share them with your clients or the public as soon as possible. Many Lightroom plugins have been developed to help you synchronize your images with all sorts of accounts and galleries. Whether you’re using Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, or Gmail, here are the best Lightroom plugins to share and synchronize your work.


Not all Lightroom plugins have to be about photo editing, right? This one is great for those who work in collaboration with other photographers, or even with clients, and need to frequently email images back and forth. With this free plugin, you’ll be able to email photos directly from Lightroom as opposed to using a browser to upload images over and over again.


If you share your images on Instagram, LR/Instagram is the plugin you need. It’s a fast and efficient Lightroom Instagram plugin. All you need to do is install it, add the new service to Lightroom Publishing Manager, and authenticate with your Instagram account. Then choose the pictures you want to share and click Publish. You can add hashtags, crop pictures to the aspect ratio used by Instagram, and publish to multiple Instagram accounts.

LR/Instagram is available for Windows and Mac. It’s compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 3, 4, 5, and 6 — and it’s free. If you like it, you can register it for $10 from Lightroom Plugin Manager.

WP/LR Sync

WP/LR Sync helps you publish photos on WordPress. It also includes a Total Sync feature that synchronizes pictures you’ve previously uploaded. WP/LR Sync allows you to update published images and transfer metadata. Keep in mind that this plugin works only with a companion plugin installed on a WordPress site.

WP/LR Sync is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 5. You can use it for free.

2014 HTML Gallery

This is a modernization of Lightroom HTML Gallery, rebuilt for mobile devices. It has many features including Google Maps support, starter templates, customizable colors and layouts, and the possibility to use it online and offline. 2014 HTML Gallery allows you to create a photo album offline and distribute it any way you like.

This plugin is free for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5.

Mosaic – Google Drive

This plugin synchronizes Lightroom with Google Drive and the Mosaic iOS App. You can synchronize all your photos or a specific collection. The plugin allows you to search photos in Mosaic iOS App by keywords, star and flag them, sync changes to Lightroom, and share photos to Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.

Mosaic – Google Drive is free for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5.

pCloud Plugin

pCloud Plugin is one of several Lightroom plugins that allow you to use the Lightroom export interface to upload photos to cloud accounts. This plugin uploads pictures to pCloud online storage. It also lets you create a pCloud account if you don’t have one. From pCloud, you can share photos using a download link or publish them on your website.

pCloud Plugin is free for Windows and Mac. It’s compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and higher.

Lightroom to Premiere

If you use your photos in videos, this plugin is exactly what you need. It connects Lightroom with Adobe Premiere based on a jsx file. All you have to do is select the photos you want from the Lightroom Library and create a jsx file. Then execute the file using ExtendScript Toolkit and all your images will be imported into an active Premiere project.

Lightroom to Premiere plugin is available for Windows and is free. You can use it with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.0 and Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a Lightroom plugin that lets you synchronize your photos in WordPress and Lightroom. After you’ve published a collection, you can still add , edit, and delete photos. Like other Lightroom plugins that work with WordPress, Envira Gallery requires a companion WordPress plugin.

Envira Gallery is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4. The price starts at $29.


SlickPic is a Lightroom plugin that offers hosting and sharing functionality. Your photos will benefit from privacy and protection. With SlickPic, you can choose to share albums or individual photos: All you have to do is select photos or albums and drag them to the SlickPic Publish Service. It saves metadata and tags and automatically converts RAW files to JPEG.

SlickPic is free for Windows and Mac. It’s compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and above.

Photo Upload

Photo Upload offers several Lightroom plugins that let you upload your photos to different platforms. You can use these plugins with Lightroom Export or as a publishing service. They’re available for Windows and Mac and are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and higher. Each plugin costs $15. Here are the most useful:

Costco Plugin

This is a dedicated plugin that exports photos from Lightroom to Costco Photo Center. It allows you to edit album descriptions, handle duplicates, and sort and filter albums.

It’s available only for Mac and Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5. It costs $15, but some of the features can be used for free.


If you’re trying to build a professional photography practice, there’s arguably nothing much more effective than having a great online portfolio to showcase your work. SmugMug is a great way to do this, with its photo sharing platform that you can use to sell your work as well. This Lightroom plugin connects Lightroom to your SmugMug account so that you can publish images directly to the website as you edit them.

LRB Exhibition

LRB Exhibition is one of the best Lightroom plugins to help you upload images directly to your website if it’s created using their service. Like the SmugMug plugin, this one also saves time and effort that would otherwise be required in order to publish your photos online after you’ve edited them in Lightroom. The price is $20.48.

Adobe Lightroom plugins for specific jobs

If you’re looking for a specific feature, there are many Lightroom plugins at your disposal. Here’s a list of the most interesting.

Full Screen Diaporama

If you want to create a diaporama and show your photos in full-screen, this is the plugin for you. It offers customizable backgrounds, fonts, and captions and resizes images to fit the screen.

Full Screen Diaporama is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4 and 5. It costs $5.

AlphaPlugins Launch Box

This plugin allows you to use your favorite Adobe Photoshop plugins in Lightroom, Aperture, and iPhoto. You don’t have to learn new editors and filters, as AlphaPlugins Launch Box works with the most popular Photoshop plugins. And you don’t even have to have Photoshop installed because it uses the plugins from any folder of your computer. Alpha Plugins is available for Windows and Mac and costs $24.95.

JPEG Optimizer

This is one of the most useful free Lightroom plugins. You need high quality JPEG files to share with your clients and the public. JPEG Optimizer shrinks and re-encodes your JPEGs generated by Lightroom, measuring the perceived visual quality and automatically deciding on the optimal JPEG compression.

JPEG Optimizer is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 and above.


JPEGmini is standalone software and a Lightroom plugin that saves you space by optimizing JPEG compression. It supports high-resolution images and reduces the file size of your photos up to 80% without affecting image quality Files are automatically optimized when you export them from Lightroom.

JPEGmini is available for Windows and Mac and costs $89.

Format Publisher for Adobe Lightroom

This plugin helps you publish your portfolio directly from Adobe Lightroom. It’s available for Windows and Mac, and it’s free and easy to use.

Darkroom Notebook

For those who like adding extra information to their images, Darkroom Notebook is a useful plugin. It adds three sets of metadata (Camera, Developing, and Printing), allowing you to associate analog picture information with images. You can add information about cameras, lenses and filters, film type, ISO, chemicals used in development, paper, toning, and other basic printing info.

Darkroom Notebook is an open-source project.

Keyboard Tamer

Lightroom, as we all know, has a vast collection of controls and tools to help you edit photos. This great number of controls sometimes means that you forget where things are located. Maybe you don’t use a certain control too often but still need to access it when needed and can’t always remember where it’s located. This is where Keyboard Tamer comes in. It allows you to map certain controls or tools to key combinations for quick and easy access.

Time Machine Reject

This plugin by Capture Monkey excludes rejected photos from Time Machine backups. It doesn’t affect your photos in any way and only operates when Lightroom is closing. Time Machine Reject is available only for Mac and it’s free.

Blow Up

This photo enlargement tool is one of the useful Lightroom plugins developed by Alien Skin Software. It allows you to enlarge your photos to any size while keeping them sharp. It’s useful for large prints and use an extended library of standard paper sizes. It also supports the CMYK color format. Blow Up is easy to use, and delivers crystal clear images.

Blow Up is available for Windows and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 and newer. It costs $79.

ON1 Resize 2018

Another plugin for high-quality image enlargement, ON1 Resize 2018 works with Genuine Fractals technology. It includes fast ways to edit, cull, and view photos. The results are sharp and the process doesn’t affect details. ON1 Resize 2018 offers batch processing, compressed Photoshop files, and printing options. You can use it as standalone software or as a plugin.

ON1 Resize 2018 is available for Windows and Mac and costs $59.99.

LR Timelapse

LR Timelapse is one of the Adobe Lightroom plugin for time-lapse editing. It works with RAW files and allows keyframing, grading, and rendering. It also helps you remove the flicker effect and make outstanding movies.

LR Timelapse 5 is compatible with Lightroom Classic 4 and above. It’s available both for Windows and Mac. For private use, LR Timelapse 5 costs €120; for commercial use, it costs €300.

These are some of the best Lightroom plugins you can find to add various types of functionality to your photo editing workflow. Whether you need to add to the photo editing prowess of your software, customize it to make your life easier, or connect it with another service to help you share your work seamlessly, the plugins in this list are your best shot to find what you’re looking for. So go ahead, make a choice, and supercharge your Lightroom!

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