How to Crop Pictures on MacBook Pro?

20 min. to read

Cropping a photo can change its look in a very noticeable way - you can make the composition better. Here we leave you with a simple guide on how to crop a photo on Mac.
How to Photograph the Moon

25 min. to read

Throughout history, poets, dreamers, and artists have been enchanted by the moon’s heavenly aura and spellbinding features. It poses challenges and opportunities for photographers. You can either be fascinated by the silvery halo of a full moon, the mysteriously dark shadow of a crescent, or a series of interactions between light, clouds, and the moon’s radiance.
What is ISO in Photography

11 min. to read

What is ISO in photography and why does it matter so much?
How to Format SD Card on Mac

16 min. to read

SD cards are very popular storage devices, especially for electronics such as smartphones, SLRs, and more. We talk about this in our tutorial on how to format SD cards on Mac. These tiny chip-like storage devices save us every day.
How to Merge Images in Photoshop: Step-by-Step Guide

11 min. to read

With the ability to combine individual photos into one document, our creativity in Photoshop is limited only by our own skills and imagination.
How to brighten a photo: top photography tips

15 min. to read

The main problem with unprofessional photos is insufficient or excessive lighting. Hence there are various shortcomings: unnecessary haze, dull colors, loss of details hidden in the shadows, and (or) overlights.
How to Blur a Picture

18 min. to read

Picture blur is a useful option for creating a unique and creative look on your picture. Today we'll tell you all about how to blur photos in Photoshop. Just read our complete tutorial!
How to Cut Out an Image in Photoshop

13 min. to read

Read through the tutorial to find out how each tool differs from the rest.

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