How to Use the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

15 min. to read

Learn how to quickly and efficiently use the Liquify tool in Photoshop with this how-to guide that covers all of the basics. The Liquify tool is used to make simple adjustments by pushing and pulling pixels in an image.
How to Smooth Edges in Photoshop: Photoshop Feather and Other Tools

17 min. to read

Check out this easy steps to smooth edges in Photoshop using Feather tool
How to Create an Old Paper Texture in Photoshop

14 min. to read

If you don't know how to make vintage paper in Photoshop from scratch, then check this tutorial. Follow these steps and create an amazing old paper texture in Photoshop.
How to Flip an Image in Photoshop

13 min. to read

This tutorial will explain the flip process and streamline your Photoshop experience.
Monitor Calibration For Photography

19 min. to read

One of the key points in the photo editor is to calibrate the monitor correctly. It is impossible to adequately edit photos without adequate monitor settings.
How to use and edit clipping masks in Illustrator: a quick guide

12 min. to read

Do you think that working with Illustrator is difficult? Not at all! Today I'm going to tell you how to use a clipping mask in Illustrator very easily so that you can make your pictures top-notch.
How To Change Background Color On Instagram Story

12 min. to read

IG is a great platform not only for big businesses but also for ordinary people who share pictures of their dogs. And temporary Stories provide an opportunity to reach a large audience if done right. The choice of background color on your Instagram Story is critical, as it can make it both beautiful and terrible.
How To Access iCloud Photos On IPhone, IPad And Mac

16 min. to read

Are you a new Apple user? If you've just recently purchased your first iOS or macOS device, you'll probably have to struggle for a while to get used to a completely different system. But it's worth it!

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