Jakub Bors

Jakub Bors is a seasoned landscape photographer and educator with over two decades of experience in digital imaging. Throughout his illustrious career, Jakub has collaborated with renowned companies such as PX500, Trivago, Expedia, Trip Advisors, and others. His breathtaking photographs have graced the pages of internationally recognized magazines, including National Geographic and Nomad, among others. Jakub's artistry has been showcased in prestigious Art Galleries across the USA and UK, while his prints adorn homes worldwide. Recently, Jakub has shifted his focus towards sharing his photography and photo editing expertise. He imparts his knowledge through workshops, engaging photo walks, comprehensive online training sessions, insightful review sessions, and more.

I have been using Luminar since the 2018 version, and I have loved each new version since 3, 4, AI. However, it was the latest version, Luminar NEO, with its layer editing, extensions, and AI generative tools that completely changed my photo editing process. The perfect combination of creative tools and possibilities helps me enhance and transform my images within the same software, making the editing task fast, easy, and powerful.

Jakub Bors | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)