Marek Zoltán

Growing up in a family of photographers, Zoltán Marek quickly learned to see the world through a unique lens from a young age. As he traveled the world, he realized that "if you approach a new person, a new country, or a new culture with an open mind, you will receive experiences you never thought possible." He mentioned: "I believe that these experiences, the ones I've been fortunate enough to receive, have influenced my perspective and path in the art field." As a result of his personal and professional development, Zoltán's work has found its way onto the pages of international publications, while his exhibitions not only showcase artistry but also serve as a platform for supporting meaningful causes. In addition, what's heartening for him is the recognition he's received from collectors worldwide, a sign of the exciting path he's carving in contemporary photography.

Luminar Neo is to me what a brush and colors are to a painter. Together, we can create enduring works of art. And most importantly, this is now accessible to anyone and can be true for everyone.

Marek Zoltán | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)