Achieve a gritty and unique cinematic look.

Discover a new style by lowering saturation and increasing contrast. From fashion shots to urban images to grungy athletic portraits, achieve that gritty cinematic look similar to the darkroom technique "Bleach Bypass".

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Ron Clifford



Filter controls

Amount, Contrast, Local Contrast, Brightness, & Saturation

Creates a dramatic effect for your photos, making them pop or more "grungy".


The Amount slider controls the total intensity of the added effect.


Controls the differences in the relationships of tonal values. Adding contrast increases the difference between the highlights, midtones, and shadows.

Local Contrast

Adds a more targeted contrast adjustment to the finer details of the image.


Darkens or lightens details in the image. Often useful for bringing out details in areas like skies.


Controls whether colors become washed out or more saturated.

Ron Clifford

Pro Photographer


Anyone who knows Ron Clifford knows that while he is a skilled photographer, he is first and foremost an encourager, a mentor and an educator. He has made a career out of encouraging the creative soul in photographers. As a result of his commitment to building strong communities, he has become well known for his involvement in online and in-person mentoring in photography and business. He is a director of the Google Plus Mentorship Program for Photographers and Is a Master in the online education platform called, “The Arcanum” Along with teaching online, Ron is also a Photography Guide for One Ocean Expeditions on unique Photography Symposiums to some of the most remote places on earth.

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