Cinematic Color Looks

Signature looks inspired by red carpet movies

Cinematic Color Looks

Movies are a source of endless visual and aesthetic inspiration for photographers. New ideas for creating images can come from the cinematography, costume, set design or story. Together with Los-Angeles based commercial photographer, Ilya Nodia, we’ve made a set of red carpet movies inspired looks and presets, which we are releasing in time for this year’s Academy Awards.

Signature looks inspired by red carpet movies

Compatible with:
Luminar 3 & 4
Lightroom Classic CC & Lightroom CC

© Ilya Nodia

Please note, that this set of Looks/presets is greatly dependent upon correct lighting and shooting conditions. In order for these Looks to work properly, you should try to match the lighting and shooting conditions of the original movie to some extent.


The best sunset look, which gives the warm sky an even brighter tone.


Authentic Randy

Hot and golden atmosphere of victory! Works great in the contrast spotlights, emphasizing blurry dynamic scenes.


Green Notebook

A fabulous turquoise look for road stories. Well suited for evening and morning photos with the open sky.


Royal Fun

A smoky look designed for dark plot lines, resulting in a low-variance reddish image.

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My Name is Max

A Look from a post-apocalyptic world, where all the colors of life and vibrancy are driven into the atmosphere of a dangerous radiation sepia.


Make it Personal

A dream from the VHS world. Low-contrast cold filter from the world of high-tech, turning night photos with a background of neon lights into a bluish film look.


My Evil’s Big

A classic Californian look with a slight yellow-blue split toning.


Dangerous Neon

A deep, cold look for night photos, with dotted red shades.


Fire and Ice

Clean & cool look from the world of sports tennis drama. Perfect for imitation of a cold morning, even under a hard sun.


60 Seconds

Hard, yellow film look with catchy and coarse grain. True film old school. Perfect for a hot sunny day.


Action Spy

Dramatic, cold look that removes green and yellow shades. It gives a cold drama to any cloudy picture, especially in the forest.


Badass Club

A cold, greenish look that gives the night city a hint of cinematic illusion.

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© Ilya Nodia

Together with Los-Angeles based commercial photographer, Ilya Nodia, we've recently created a set of Hollywood-inspired looks for Luminar and Lightroom, based around 12 outstanding movies to give the photos those signature cinematic looks we admire in award-winning movies.

From the dramatic atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic landscape, through the old-school grainy look, to the subtle vibrancy of road movies, the new looks have it all.

“Cinematography is very diverse, and I wanted to show different stories. We have very static ones (where time stands still), like the one with My Name is Max, or super-dynamic, like the shots with a guy in a car and a wrestler. Here we have a set of radically different colors and approach to shooting, but all of them are brought together by this special cinematic style,” Ilya says.

He goes on to give a word of caution, however: “The presets alone are not enough to recreate such photos. The shooting style and lighting need to be the same as the movie the Look is meant to replicate. For example, if you want to get a photo with a Bourne Identity style, (cold, with greenish mid-tones, and shot in cloudy weather) you need to plan and style the shoot accordingly. For instance, you might want to have it outdoors, carefully select the heroes for the shoot, and think of all those little details that make it all look consistent.”

The pack includes Luminar Looks, Lightroom Presets and Custom Profiles (Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC compatible.

They are all inspired by the same movies, though there might be a slight difference in the final looks.

4 out of 12 Looks are free.

Ilya Nodia

Artist & Photographer

Cinematic photographer, Ilya Nodia’s style is a superb mix of cinematic, compositing and storytelling. Inspired by his passion for movies and computer games, he utilizes commercial-style light and colors to chronicle epic narratives in a single shot, much like the legendary Gregory Crewdson.

Today, he’s involved in commercial and advertising projects, using his knack for weaving cinematic images to create photographs for shows, performances, small businesses and even escape rooms. Perhaps fittingly, the West Siberian-born Nodia is living in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world.

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