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Are you looking for that expansive panoramic sky to enhance the photographs that you just created with Luminar Neo's new Panorama Stitching Extension? You’re in luck! Each one in this special collection of panoramic sunsets was captured specifically with a wide-angle lens on the remote Island of Saipan, CNMI, in the Western Pacific Ocean. Saipan is known for its incredibly colorful sunsets. They’re perfect for your landscape, seascapes, or cityscapes in need of a fresh vista.

What is included

20 Skies in JPEG format


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

Get photos like these

Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

© Leslie Ware
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(39)
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(40)>
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© Leslie Ware
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(41)
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(42)>
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© Leslie Ware
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(43)
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(44)>
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© Leslie Ware
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(45)
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(46)>
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© Leslie Ware
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(47)
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(48)>
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© Leslie Ware
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(49)
Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(50)>
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Skies included in the pack

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Leslie Ware

Nature photographer and adventurer

Leslie Ware was raised in the mountains of Eastern Idaho, which helped him develop a love of nature, wildlife, grand vistas, and a need for adventure and travel. His love of photography started with a Brownie Instamatic camera at the age of 12, and at 21 he got his first professional camera, a Canon FTBQL 35 mm SLR film camera. Leslie joined the Air Force at 17 and feels fortunate that he was able to train on and work with cutting-edge electronics and computers, which unknowingly prepared him for an incredible future. His world travels began at 18 when he was stationed in Thailand, where he spent the next 4 years, and then he was stationed in Germany for 4 years, with his trusty SLR always by his side. In 1999 Leslie purchased his first digital camera and desktop computer, and really kicked off his photography career. The next 10 years were spent in the Western Pacific on the Island of Saipan, in the Mariana Islands, famous for its sunsets. Photography became Leslie’s life, and having the ability to explore all the exotic location in Asia and the Western Pacific with his camera felt exactly right. Leslie has lived in Thailand for 13 years, with a 2 years gap back in Arizona, and now is back in Thailand. His body of work ranges from the landscapes and skies of the jungles of Asia, to great cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Siam Reap, Kuala Lumpur, and the Islands of Hawaii, as well as the deserts and mountains of the Southwest US. Tropical islands present great skies and sunsets. Tropical monsoon skies not only provide a daily change of atmosphere, but also storms followed by unbelievable sunsets. Leslie is fond of photographing wide vistas, clouds, as well as daily rain or shine. Plus, Leslie has a special bond with the flora and fauna, particularly birds, of Arizona where he spent the last few years photographing the wild horses of the Salt River, and amazing diversity of cacti and their flowers.

Saipan Sunsets Panoramas Skies(85)