Javed Jeetoo

Javed Jeetoo is a passionate hobbyist photographer who lives on the beautiful tropical island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. He started his photographic journey in 2017. Javed captures mostly landscapes and seascapes and has a particular interest in fishing boats and long exposure photography. One of his works, “The Rochester Fall,” was featured in the New York–based “Mobiography” magazine as part of their stunning landscape showcase. Javed also runs an Instagram theme page (@explore_landscapes_) featuring the work of landscape photographers from around the world.

Like many hobbyist photographers, it’s hard to find quality shooting time between my professional life and family commitments. Being able to quickly post-process my photos yet accurately achieve my creative vision is a real must! Luminar was the perfect solution — versatile photo editing software that can effortlessly give life to my creative vision. Its quick learning curve coupled with an array of outstanding post-processing tools like smart tone, LUT capability, and versatile masking features are what got me hooked!

Javed Jeetoo | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)