Javier Pardina

Javier Pardina is a photographer and multimedia artist based in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. His commercial work involves shooting for advertising, stock agencies, corporate brands, and creative agencies. In 2005, Javier created Pardina.co, using his surname as his branding. His beginnings were related to music, and you can find his works on album art for some of the most talented musicians in Europe, including Thomas Lemmer and Christophe Goze. Years later, Javier decided to specialize in abstract photography, which he used to develop wallpapers for apps and operating systems like Firefox OS and iOS. In 2013, he signed a contract with Mozilla to work on the Firefox OS project and get deeper into the design. Today, Javier has 9000+ pictures spread across different stock agencies and is heavily focused on the advertising and commercial world, merging video, photography, and 3D.

Luminar is fresh and shameless photography software, and its potential is wonderful. The way to personalize and organize the work is intelligent and very practical, especially for my landscape, macro, and drone pictures. It is very satisfying to work with. I’ve been with Luminar for a short time, but it has quickly become my favorite option to get incredible results in record time.

Javier Pardina | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)