Frankie Spontelli

Adventure & Travel Photographer

About the Author

With over a decade of experience in commercial and freelance photography, I live by the motto "Be free, and be humble." My mission is to let my creative visions steer my career. My passion for capturing the world's light drives me to explore remote locations, and I am endlessly excited about the future sunrises and sunsets that await my camera. My portfolio focuses on adventure landscape imagery, collaborating with tourism boards to create authentic visual stories. Each image captures the essence of the moment, telling a story without words. My goal is to bring viewers on a visual journey, sharing a taste of my endless adventures. See you out there.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Adventure & Travel Photography

  • Commercial & freelance Photography

  • Landscape Imagery

  • Visual Storytelling

Author's publications:

How to Pitch a Brand for Successful Personal Projects

June 19 2024

How to Pitch a Brand for Successful Personal Projects

Learn how to successfully pitch your brand for personal projects and maintain your creative vision. Find the balance between earning income and creating for yourself.

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