Here at Skylum, we’re always excited to get a glimpse into the travels of bold adventurers on a quest to see the world, and what better way to do it than bike touring? That’s why we’re excited to catch up with the journey of Amaya Williams and Eric Schambion, who are on a quest to be the first couple to bicycle through every country on the planet.

To date, they’ve already pedaled through 112 countries and ridden 202,000 kilometers! They love documenting their bicycle tour around the world and recently discovered the joys of photo editing with Luminar. Below, you can see some of their favorite photo moments from the road.

Around the world on bikes and with a camera | Skylum Blog(2)“No country on earth can boggle your mind as much as India.  It may be an exhausting country, but India is always exhilarating.  One moment you’re in a modern, bustling city surrounded by hip tech workers and the next you’re sharing the road with wild camels and elephants.  This curious creature stared me down and I stared him right back. We always leave India feeling overwhelmed and vowing never to return.  We’ve made that promise eight times now, but I’m sure Incredible India will draw us back yet again.” - Amaya Williams.

Around the world on bikes and with a camera | Skylum Blog(3)The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan is known as the “Roof of the world.” And with good reason – it’s the second highest highway in the world. Cycling through the bleak but beautiful high altitude desert landscapes is both a mental and physical challenge but brings memories that last a lifetime.

Around the world on bikes and with a camera | Skylum Blog(4)“As we set off early to beat the oppressive Southeast Asia heat, we pedal past long lines of gentle-faced monks begging for alms.  I know they are curious and keen to chat--long years of relative isolation have left the Burmese hungry for interaction with outsiders. But discipline dictates that they avert there gaze and plod silently forward. Later we knock at a remote rural monastery in search of lodging for the night.  The saffron-robed men motion us inside, quickly closing the gates behind us.  Hosting foreigners was officially prohibited by the military regime.  But things are changing rapidly in Myanmar and citizens are speaking up and bending the rules.  A palpable feeling of hope and optimism permeates the country. The Myanmar I witnessed may not be around for long.” - Eric Schambion.

Around the world on bikes and with a camera | Skylum Blog(5)Even after ten years of travel to some of the world’s most magnificent and exotic locations, for me, nothing beats the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains.  I grew up surrounded by their peaks. and gain a sense of comfort and security by returning.  No matter how far or for how long I travel, nothing can replace ‘home.’

Want to see more of Amaya and Eric’s travels? We’ll be featuring them in our blog every month along with the gorgeous pictures of the most beautiful places of the world. The next leg of their journey will take them all the way to the Arctic Circle in Norway.

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