Are you looking for a powerful yet handy tool for picture editing? Then the tablet will be a great helper. Learn more about the best models in our top list.

The best tablets for photographers are more than just a device for viewing pictures. It's a powerful tool that can take your photography work to the next level. With a wide range of models for every budget from leading manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, users can have some doubts during choosing the best devices for processing photos.

There is no denying the fact that working with photo files on a regular laptop or desktop computer is much more productive. However, with the increasing power of tablet processors and the constant improvement in screen quality, it's no surprise that many photographers are deciding to add a photo editing tablet to their workflow. We have prepared for you the list of top devices, among which you may find the model that will suit your needs, preferences, and budget. These tablets for photo editing are a great way to work outside the home and office!

Top 10 best Tablets in 2024

Before buying a tablet for photo processing, it is worth carefully reviewing all the features, pros, and cons of each model to make the best choice. Here is a list of devices that can be called the absolute best in early 2024.

1. iPad Pro 12.9 (M2, 2022)

Apple products have long established themselves on the market as one of the most popular and need no introduction. It is not surprising that their device opens the list of the best tablets for photography.


Currently, this model is one of the best Apple tablets for working with editing programs. The latest and most powerful processor provides impressive performance. Do you want to turn it into a laptop? It will be incredibly easy thanks to the pairing with the Magic Keyboard. The display of the device also will not leave you indifferent: its refresh rate of 120 Hz, and there is support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. If you prefer to use a stylus while working, you will like the new Hover feature, which can recognize a surface pen that hasn't yet touched the screen at up to 12 mm. This allows you to see the position of your future mark in advance.

As for the disadvantages, unfortunately, the version of Photoshop for iPad has incomplete functionality compared to the desktop variant. If this issue is crucial for you, take a closer look at the best tablets for pictures on the operating system from Microsoft.

Reasons to Buy

This device has a lot of advantages:

  • gorgeous 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display with ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color;
  • powerful M2 chip with 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU;
  • 12MP ultra-wide-angle front camera with center stage;
  • ultrafast Wi-Fi 6E;
  • USB-C connector with Thunderbolt / USB 4 support;
  • face ID for secure authentication;
  • works with Apple Pencil (2nd generation), Smart Keyboard Folio, and Magic Keyboard;
  • iPad OS 16 with powerful new features for improved productivity.

Price: $1,794.00

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 9

If you are a fan of the Windows operating system, this model may be a real find! Let's take a closer look.


If you want to buy a Windows tablet, our recommendation is the Surface Pro 9. With an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, this device boasts the power of a laptop, along with a gorgeous 13-inch display and 16 hours of battery life. This one of the best tablets for photo editing also has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, works on the newest Windows 11 OS, and has a 10 MP rear autofocus camera that supports 1080p HD and 4K video, and a 5 MP front camera that shoots full HD video. By adding a keyboard available for your tablet, the device can be used also as a laptop. However, accessories for this model are purchased separately.

Since this is the newest version of the edit tablet, it costs significantly more than the previous Pro 8, although if you compare technical specifications, the differences between them are not so great. If the price of this model seems too high, consider buying the previous one.

Reasons to Buy

Of course, this tablet can not be called a budget option, but for professionals, it will be just an incredible tool for photo editing work. The device offers a lot of features:

  • built on the Intel Evo platform with 12th-generation Intel Core processors;
  • up to 15 hours of battery life;
  • ability to adjust the angle with the built-in Kickstand;
  • 13-inch PixelSense touchscreen;
  • thunderbolt 4 ports, perfect for a full desktop experience;
  • a selection of vibrant new colors.

Price: $999.99

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab Ultra

Looking for easily the best Android tablet for photo editing? Here is the undisputed leader, extremely powerful and reliable!


Speaking of editing tablets, it is worth noting that this device has recently appeared on the market, but has already established itself as one of the most powerful and excellent quality. Even though it is really thin (only 5 mm), it is amazingly durable. The huge 14.6-inch Super AMOLED screen offers incredible color reproduction, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Fast and stable performance is provided by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. Are you used to working with a stylus? The improved S Pen will be an indispensable assistant while working in photo editing apps. In general, it is almost in no way inferior to the iPad Pro, furthermore, it has a larger screen size. This best Android tablet offers you incredible opportunities for work and not only.

Reasons to Buy

The device has many interesting and useful features, which include the following:

  • powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor;
  • 14.6-inch screen, 2960x1848 dots, 240 PPI, SuperAMOLED, 120Hz, HDR10+, NTSC, blue filter available;
  • incredibly thin - 5 mm;
  • the tablet can work all day with a battery of 11200 mAh (supports 45W charging);
  • S Pen support, handwriting input, PDF editing, and more.

Price: $924.95

4. iPad 10.9 (2022)

The next item on our top list is one of the best budget photography tablets, which will be able to pleasantly surprise its users.


When it comes to the different lines of Apple tablets, the basic iPads are considered the most budget-friendly. They are the least powerful, however, considering the fact this model was released recently, it should not be ignored. Unlike its predecessors, the 2022 device got a better and bigger screen, as well as the A14 Bionic chip, which had a noticeable performance improvement. This tablet for photo editing also boasts pretty good cameras. The main cam can record video in 4K. The front camera is wide-angle, which will also be a significant advantage. Another important detail is its position, namely on the long side of the tablet. Users will be able to appreciate the convenience of its use during video meetings.

Reasons to Buy

Despite its relatively low price, this tablet has very good performance for photo editing in 2024:

  • stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone;
  • A14 Bionic chip with 6-core CPU and quad-core GPU;
  • wide-angle 12MP rear camera;
  • landscape 12MP ultra-wide front camera with center stage;
  • touch ID for secure verification;
  • superfast Wi-Fi 6;
  • USB-C connector for charging and accessories;
  • all-day battery life;
  • works with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio;
  • iPadOS 16 greatly improves device performance.

Price: $448.87

5. iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

If you haven't yet used a tablet for professional purposes, this option has every chance of being your best device for photo editing!


If you are a photographer, artist, or graphic designer, it is one of the best drawing tablets that will fully meet your professional needs. This model was the first to feature Apple's M1 chipset. What does it mean? It's twice as fast as its predecessor, and the graphics are up to 40% faster thanks to an 8-core processor. But those aren't its only advantages. You can now get a tablet with 2TB of storage. Just forget about running out of space! The cameras are also impressive, especially the front one. It's ultra-wide-angle and features Center Stage, which will be especially useful during video meetings and streaming. Speaking of connectivity, this iPad supports 5G technology, and users in the United States will appreciate the ultra-fast mmWave 5G network. Yes, it is a premium device with a price to match, but it's undeniably worth it.

Reasons to Buy

This is the best graphics tablet for photo editing, with which you can organize your workflow most comfortably. As for the main features, let's take a closer look:

  • the Apple M1 chip for next-level performance;
  • gorgeous 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display with ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color gamut;
  • TrueDepth camera system with ultra-wide center scene camera;
  • 12MP wide-angle camera, 10MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and LiDAR scanner for immersive AR;
  • ultrafast Wi-Fi;
  • powerful battery;
  • thunderbolt port for connecting to fast external storage, and docking stations;
  • face ID for secure authentication;
  • audio system with four speakers and five studio-quality microphones;
  • support for Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard Folio.

Price: $1,528.11

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

For Android device appreciators who want to get a quality product at a reasonable price, we recommend looking at this model of photo editing tablet.


We already told you about the Samsung Galaxy Tab Ultra, one of the best Android devices for the editing experience. But the price is quite high. For users looking for a budget option with good characteristics the Fan Edition, abbreviated FE, is ideal. These tablets are a unique combination of the latest technology in affordable products. It's the best solution for basic photo editing. It's also handy for taking notes, creating new projects, and just about anything else! The tablet comes with a stylus that makes it easy for you to do detailed editing. In addition, the display pleasantly surprises you with its quality, saturation, and color rendering, you will not get tired of working even spending a long time in front of the screen. If the tablet is a necessity for you, but in general you prefer to work on a laptop or desktop computer, we recommend buying additionally a keyboard Samsung Book Cover. With such an accessory the use of your favorite editing software will become even more pleasant!

Reasons to Buy

Purchasing this best tablet for editing photos, you will be delighted with its features and unique functions:

  • the large 12.4-inch display brings your content to life with vibrant colors indoors or on the outside, making the Samsung Galaxy S7 FE the perfect tablet to work with photo editing software or take a quick break for entertainment;
  • choose a stunning color that perfectly brings out your personality - mystic black, mystic green, mystic silver, or mystic pink;
  • take notes, sketch ideas or even draw with the included S Pen;
  • complete any task thanks to Galaxy connectivity; have more time on an extended workspace that allows you to transfer content from one device to another;
  • enjoy working on your tablet as you would on a PC, with multiple windows open.

Price: $449.99

7. iPad Air 10.9 (2022)

Among other best photo editing tablets, you should also pay attention to this model. Why? Let's take a closer look.


As you probably already noticed, devices from Apple occupy a lot of positions at our top. No wonder, because they are the best photo editing tablets. Compared to the iPad Pro, it costs less, but it will not disappoint you while working with photo editing software. It's incredibly handy and won't take up much space thanks to its small weight and thickness of only 6.1 mm. As for power, it has the Apple M1 processor for fast and stable performance. The ultra-wide-angle front camera with Centre Stage feature makes it a great choice of tablet for photographers. The disadvantages include the available amount of storage - not more than 256 GB, and RAM - 8 GB, but that is the difference with the Pro line of devices. However, do not think that this product is not powerful enough to work with photo editors. In fact, this model is one of the best examples of the perfect price-performance ratio that you can find in today's market.

Reasons to Buy

If we talk more about the characteristics of this model, the following should be highlighted:

  • a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone technology, P3 wide color, and anti-glare coating;
  • Apple M1 chip with the neural engine;
  • 12MP wide-angle camera;
  • ultra-wide 12MP front-facing camera with center stage;
  • up to 256GB of storage;
  • available in blue, purple, pink, starlight, and space gray;
  • touch ID for secure authentication;
  • all-day battery life;
  • 5G support.

Price: 459.99

8. iPad Mini (2021)

If you travel a lot and you are looking for a compact device, this is exactly the tablet you can buy for such purposes.


Despite its small size, this model clearly deserves the attention of users who want to buy one of the best devices for photo editing at a very pleasant price. It is the lightest and smallest model of all in our top, but its advantage is obvious - it will fit in your bag without any problems and will take up very little space. The display size, respectively, is also small, 8.3 inches, but it has one of the best color accuracies. The powerful Apple A15 Bionic processor perfectly copes not only with the mobile version of Lightroom or Photoshop Express but also with any other photo editing programs. A nice addition is support for the Apple Pencil 2, which will make working on the device even more comfortable.

Reasons to Buy

This tablet really is one of the best devices to edit photos thanks to its features:

  • liquid Retina 8.3-inch display with True Tone and wide color gamut;
  • A15 Bionic chip with the neural engine;
  • touch ID for secure authentication;
  • wide-angle 12MP rear camera, 12MP ultra-wide-angle front camera with center stage;
  • available in purple, pink, and space gray;
  • ultrafast Wi-Fi 6;
  • up to 10 hours of battery life;
  • USB-C connector for charging and accessories;
  • works with Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

Price: $408.45

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

For those looking for a powerful Android device, this model is worth mentioning as one of the best graphics tablets for photo editing.


A lot of professionals are used to working on laptops and desktop computers to edit photos because tablets can't provide the same level of processing power. This device is an exception, offering a high level of performance for photo editing. It comes with an S-Pen stylus that allows you to work on every project in detail, and the quality display with excellent color reproduction will ensure long and comfortable use. You can also purchase a keyboard separately to make tablet editing even easier. Of course, the cost of this model, especially if you buy accessories is very high. However, if you want to buy a similar device, you can consider the Galaxy Tab S7. It does not have such a good display and its battery is less powerful, but the price will be more favorable.

Reasons to Buy

Do you want the best tablet for photos? The capabilities of this model will not leave you disappointed:

  • turn your tablet into a PC with DeX mode and an optional keyboard;
  • with improved 9ms pen latency, the redesigned S Pen lets you manage presentations and take quick notes;
  • stunning brightness and clarity with the wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual rear and 8MP front cameras;
  • sync multiple devices with Galaxy Tab S7+ WiFi. Use it as an access point, add a second wireless screen for your device, and create content ready to share at the same time.

Price: $899.99

10. iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

If you are choosing a tablet to work with photos and want to try the iPad, this is one of the best options.


If you look at the year of release of this model, it may seem superfluous in this top, because the tablet of 2020 should already be considered obsolete. In fact, this iPad is still one of the best. Its characteristics are impressive even in 2024. The large screen with stunning color reproduction, the stylish design beloved by users, Apple A12Z Bionic chipset - all make it the best model to date. If you ask the question of whether it is worth using a tablet for photo editing, the answer will definitely be positive. This device combines portability and at the same time power, allowing you to run all the necessary applications for work. However, the price of this model is quite high, which is a noticeable disadvantage.

Reasons to Buy

This is one of the best tablets for photos, which is evident in its specifications:

  • liquid Retina 11-inch edge-to-edge display with ProMotion, True Tone and P3 wide color;
  • A12Z Bionic chip with the neural engine;
  • 12MP wide-angle camera, 10MP ultra-wide-angle camera;
  • 7MP TrueDepth front camera;
  • face ID for secure authentication;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ax 6;
  • up to 10 hours of battery life;
  • USB-C connector for charging and accessories;
  • support for Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Apple Pencil.

Price: $1,099.00

Choosing the Best Model: Tips and Tricks

In order to make the right choice, you should consider several factors at once.

  • For what purpose are you buying it, will it be your auxiliary or main tool? Based on the answer, choose a tablet with the most appropriate operating system. As we already know, in some cases you only get limited functionality of apps.
  • Screen quality. For a professional, photo editing on a tablet can become both an ideal solution and a complete disappointment. It depends a lot on the screen. Color rendering is one of the most important selection criteria.
  • Battery power. Imagine a device that is constantly running out of power, which only irritates you and makes you want to never use it again. No, the battery must be powerful and provide stable operation for a long time.
  • Availability of accessories. It is very cool if there is a stylus in the kit. If not, make sure that the selected tablet supports the use of all necessary accessories (including a keyboard).
  • Weight, size. Consider how big the tablet should be to fit into your bag without taking up too much space. Fortunately, most modern tablets are lightweight and durable, but we still advise you to use a protective case.
  • Style. Here it all depends on your preferences. There is a great choice of colors for the devices now and you can pick up exactly the model that will not only be of high quality but also pleasing to the eye.

Considering all these tips, you will find the perfect option for you!


To sum up, the following is worth saying: the best tablet for photo editing is the one that you will be most comfortable working on, so there can't be a universal answer. We have collected a variety of options in our top list among which you will surely find the appropriate model. Do not forget that certain devices support only limited versions of popular photo processing applications. However, if your tablet is not going to be the main tool, but an auxiliary one, and you do most of your projects on a laptop or desktop computer, we advise you to try Luminar Neo. It's awesome software with unique AI tools that will make the retouching process as fast and easy as possible. Enjoy working with this app on your Mac or Windows device. Experiment and reach new professional heights!

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