Want to capture a fantastic landscape or a stunning cityscape? Here's what you'll need.

Ok, it’s time to go shoot, so let’s get in the mindset for HDR. Think about what makes a good HDR photo, what types of scenes to look for, and what time of day makes the most sense for HDR. But most of all, let’s get ready to create some awesome HDR photos!

What makes a good HDR photo? What am I looking for?

  • A large contrast between light and shadow in a scene
  • Fading light at the edges of the day (sunrise, sunset, golden hour, blue hour)
  • Landscapes look great in HDR
  • Cityscapes are equally compelling, especially at blue hour
  • Night time is also very good for HDR, especially in cities
  • Architecture and interiors are also excellent subjects for HDR

What gear do you need to capture brackets for your HDR photo?

  • A camera with auto-bracketing
  • A tripod to hold the camera steady while bracketing your images
  • A cable release, remote trigger, or self-timer so you don’t accidentally move the camera while shooting

A cheat sheet for HDR photography lovers(3)

Check your settings before you shoot:

  • Be sure you are shooting in RAW
  • Keep your ISO as low as possible
  • Select your Aperture (f/stop)
  • Set your camera in Aperture mode
  • Turn on auto-bracketing
  • Select the number of exposures in your brackets
  • Select your composition
  • Find your focal point
  • Fire away!

A cheat sheet for HDR photography lovers(4)

What do you need to post-process your HDR photos?

  • Mac or PC
  • Sufficient amounts of RAM, storage, etc
  • Aurora HDR, if you have a Mac

Give Aurora HDR Pro a try.

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A cheat sheet for HDR photography lovers(5)

Do you have any additional items on your cheat sheet list? Share them in the comments below!

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