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Easy and Simple HDR Photo Merging Software for Mac

Easy and Simple HDR Photo Merging Software for Mac

March 29

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Creating HDR images on your Mac requires effective and simple HDR software in the first place.

HDR photography is one of the most effective ways to capture moments where the light is not on your side. It is especially helpful in capturing vast landscapes, architectural wonders, and other situations where there are varying levels of light in the view.

An HDR image is essentially a combination of multiple images that are taken at different exposures. Typically, one image is taken at normal exposure, one at a higher exposure and one at a lower exposure. Combining these three then leads to the creation of an image where everything from the highlights to the shadows is well exposed.

How to Jump into HDR Photography

Reading about HDR photography sometimes makes it seem harder than it really is. If you want to jump into it, you should learn how to take bracketed photos first. Once you do that, all you need is a good HDR processing software and you have everything you need to create your HDR images. Some cameras even have the option of creating HDR images within themselves. They typically take three bracketed shots and then combine them within the system.

However, if you want more control over your HDR photos, here are some of the best and easiest to use HDR processors available for your Mac systems:

  • Aurora HDR

If you are looking for the combination of affordability and an intuitive interface, then Aurora HDR might be the best choice for you. It is available for Mac only, so Windows users may have to look elsewhere. However, if you use Mac then you’re in luck. Aurora HDR brings an amazing amount of features and controls that let you tweak your HDR images to your heart’s content. It is also popular for its natural looking results and the ability to turn single images into believable HDR photos as well.

  • Photomatix Pro

Hailed as one of the best HDR processors for both Mac and Windows computers, Photomatix Pro combines a wide array of features with some very effective tone mapping methods to give you great-looking HDR photos. It has been around for quite some time and has become the preferred tool for creating HDR images for many photographers, and in some cases you can use it as an alternative to regular photo editors.

  • EasyHDR

EasyHDR is an inexpensive alternative solution to your HDR processing needs. It also comes for both Mac and Windows systems, and contains a number of controls over your files. The best part of using EasyHDR, other than the easy to use interface, is the low price of $30.

HDR photography is not only practical in a number of situations, but is also a lot of fun. Seeing multiple images being merged into one cohesive file is great, especially if you are a real estate or landscape photographer who has to battle with terrible lighting situations. All of the mentioned programs will serve you well if you want an easy and simple HDR processor for Mac. If you want something more in-depth, you could always give Adobe Photoshop’s HDR abilities a try. However, for simplicity and ease of use, something like Aurora HDR will be perfect for you to get started with HDR photography.


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