Respect and gratitude to those willing to sacrifice their lives in service of their country. Honor them with creative works of art made with a free collection of patriotically themed textures.

Veteran’s day was set as a U.S Legal holiday to honor the end of World War I on November 11, 1918. It was originally known as Armistice Day, which refers to a truce, ceasefire or agreement made by opposing sides of a war to stop fighting for a certain period. Though the name has changed, the intended purpose of showing respect and gratitude to those willing to sacrifice their lives in service of their country has not.  

To show our gratitude we would like to offer a complimentary collection of patriotically themed textures to everyone to help honor those in their lives that have served with creative works of art. These textures can be used in Tonality or most other photo editing tools that support layers to add some patriotic flair to your images.  

Сheck these simple step by step instructions.

  • Download the texture pack.
  • Double-click on the texture .zip file to decompress the texture files. 
  • Launch Tonality, Tonality CK (Pro).
  • Open an image to which you’d like to apply a texture. 
  • Scroll down to the Texture Overlay panel.
  • Click on the Select Texture thumbnail to pop-out the default textures panel. 
  • Click on the Load Custom Texture button.
  • Navigate to the folder you downloaded your textures and select the one you’d like to use. 
  • It will automatically be loaded.

By default the texture is not visible on your image until you increase the Amount slider. Moving the slider to the right increases the amount of the texture shown from 0% to 100%. Experiment with what amount looks best for your image. We recommend that you add textures to a separate Layer, so click the “+” symbol at the top of the Adjust panel.

We'd love to see your photos made with Tonality. Show them in Skylum Photography Group.

We would also like to remind our friends in the armed forces that we have special pricing available to them on our Military and Education discount page here.  

Special thanks to those who have served or are currently serving  in the armed forces, including their families for their incredible sacrifice.

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