Do you want to learn how to distinguish between good real estate photos vs bad? Then you are in the right place! Today, our blog discusses the rules for photographing apartments and houses for rent or sale.

The entire real estate and interior design field is closely related to images of rooms, spaces, furniture, layout, etc. Creating stunning apartment photos is essential to attracting potential buyers or renters. After all, the more attractive the picture, the stronger desire it evokes. Visually appealing images make a positive first impression and increase interest in the property. Today, we'll talk about what you'll need to master the art of apartment photography and showcase your space in the best possible light, from lighting and composition to staging and editing.

In this article, we delve into the ins and outs of apartment photography, offering expert advice and practical tips to help you capture professional-quality images that highlight each space's unique features and appeal. Find out how the Luminar NEO can help you create atmospheric and cozy estate pictures.

Preparation of SpaceHow To Take Photos Of Apartments: A Comprehensive Guide | Skylum Blog(2)

To effectively demonstrate the apartment's best features, it is necessary to prepare it properly. It will sound trite, but the room should be cleaned before shooting. Clearing the space, removing personal belongings, and tidying surfaces will create a clean and organized environment that will be more attractive to potential new owners or tenants.

Then, a good solution is to thoroughly clean the apartment — the surfaces should be dust-free, and the floor should be clean. All these flaws will be visible in the photo, and "cleaning" in the photo editor can become tiring. Arrange furniture and decor to emphasize the apartment's layout and increase its visual appeal. Consider removing bulky furniture or rearranging items to create space and flow. 

Pay attention to the lighting. It is one of the real estate photography tips. Open the curtains or blinds to let in natural light and make the rooms bright and inviting. By carefully preparing the space, you can take stunning photos that accurately reflect the apartment's potential and attract potential buyers or renters.

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Choosing the Right EquipmentHow To Take Photos Of Apartments: A Comprehensive Guide | Skylum Blog(3)

You will need the appropriate equipment to get high-quality photos of the apartment.


Start with a reliable camera capable of producing clear and detailed images. Entry-level DSLR or mirrorless cameras are suitable for beginners, offering great image quality and versatility at an affordable price.


You can effectively shoot spacious interiors, showing the layout and features of the apartment, by combining the camera with a wide-angle lens.


A sturdy tripod ensures stable shots and minimizes camera shake, especially in low-light conditions.


Lighting equipment such as portable LED panels or external flashes will come in handy to illuminate dark areas and create balanced lighting.

Professional photographers may require the highest image quality and advanced features. Higher-end cameras and specialty lenses offer improved performance and flexibility. However, choose the equipment according to your skill level and budget because, even with the help of post-processing, you can take stunning photos of apartments that will captivate viewers and show the property's potential.

Mastering Lighting TechniquesHow To Take Photos Of Apartments: A Comprehensive Guide | Skylum Blog(4)

Lighting is crucial in shaping a space's overall look and feel. Different lighting techniques can increase your photos' visual appeal and highlight the apartment's best features. Experiment with different lighting settings to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere so that the apartment looks spacious, cozy, and well-lit in your photos. Here are some top tips:

  • Start by increasing natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. People prefer to live in bright rooms filled with freshness. Convey it through photography.

  • Capture the apartment during the golden hour, when the natural light is soft and pleasant. It will add coziness to the picture. Such images make you want to spend pleasant evenings in the embrace of sunlight.

  • Also, supplement natural light with artificial light sources such as lamps or overhead lighting to illuminate dark areas and add depth to the image. The voluminous space looks more alive and attracts attention. In addition, switched-on lamps and lighting devices add coziness to pictures of rooms at night.

  • For better lighting control, consider using external flashes or strobes to fill in shadows and create balanced lighting. 

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Understanding CompositionHow To Take Photos Of Apartments: A Comprehensive Guide | Skylum Blog(5)

Composition is key to creating stunning apartment photos. To effectively demonstrate the space, work on the composition. Basic principles of composition: rule of thirds, front lines, and framing. Use them to create successful shots. When shooting wide-angle shots, position the camera to cover the entire space, emphasizing the layout and flow of the apartment. Use leading lines, such as hallway walls or furniture placement, to draw the viewer's attention to the image and create a sense of depth. Also, experiment with close-up shots to highlight individual features and details, such as architectural features, decor, or unique design touches. Pay attention to framing so that each shot is balanced and visually appealing.

If necessary, try to add interior items to create a style and quality design for the apartment. Use additional props, move furniture, and decorative elements to add warmth and personality to the space.

Taking PicturesHow To Take Photos Of Apartments: A Comprehensive Guide | Skylum Blog(6)

First of all, you will need attention to detail and careful calculation of angles and perspectives:

  • Start by surveying the location and identifying key areas to shoot, including outdoor shots to showcase the exterior of the building and any surrounding amenities.

  • When photographing rooms, aim for wide-angle shots that convey spaciousness and space planning.

  • Position the camera in the corner of the room to capture as much space as possible, using foreground lines and framing to draw the viewer's eye to focal points such as windows or architectural features.

  • Shoot details close-up to highlight unique design elements or decorative accents.

  • Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the most pleasing and visually appealing compositions.

Post-processing with Luminar Neo

Here, we come to one of the most important steps in creating harmonious and attractive pictures of apartments. You will need a powerful photo editor and creativity to enhance the visual appeal of your images while maintaining a natural and realistic look.

Luminar NEO is an excellent real estate photo editing software with which you can quickly and easily process large arrays of images. AI-automated tools for creating eye-catching images will help you preserve the naturalness of the interior while improving its appearance. This powerful photo automatic editor will cope with any task. Both interior and exterior images can look stunning and attract potential customers. Change the color palette, cut out extra objects, add missing objects, completely replace the sky, or add sun rays for the atmosphere. AI control of these processes will give you the best natural result.

You can also start with manual exposure adjustments, lightening dark areas, and reducing excessive glare. Next, adjust the color balance to get accurate and realistic colors, correcting any color casts or inconsistencies. Pay attention to contrast by changing it to create depth and dimension in the image without sacrificing detail. Also, focus on cropping and leveling the image to improve composition and eliminate distractions. Finally, apply sharpening and noise reduction techniques to make the final image crisp and clear. 

Make sure that different shots of the same room have the same color scheme and shades. It will increase the attractiveness of the entire selection and create an impression of the reality of the photos. It will also be a bonus if the whole home is decorated in the same style and colors. You can use presets and manual settings or AI automation for this. Experiment and find the most convenient way for you.

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  • Bottom LineHow To Take Photos Of Apartments: A Comprehensive Guide | Skylum Blog(7)

    Mastering the art of apartment photography requires attention to detail, creativity, and technical skills. By following the comprehensive guide outlined in this article, you can effectively convey the essence of each space and showcase its unique features to potential buyers or renters.

    From preparation and lighting to composition and editing, every step is crucial in creating good real estate photos that stand out and leave a lasting impression. Remember to approach each shoot carefully, paying attention to angles, lighting, and composition to highlight the apartment's best qualities. With practice, dedication, and Luminar NEO, you can master the art of interior and exterior photography and create stunning images that effectively capture the beauty and potential of each space.

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