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March 23

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Tune your photos with great one-click plugins.

Lightroom CC is a powerful application for storing and arranging your photographs. Create web galleries, books or save location on the map. You might consider Luminar as an alternative to Lightroom, as shown is this Luminar vs Lightroom comparison - but you can still use it for basic and advanced photo editing.

Adobe Lightroom CC Features

LR CC is great because it has many essential features that quickly adjust your workflow. What are they?

  • Nonstop synchronization with your iPhone and iPad. You can save and arrange your photos on the go.
  • Develop mode for basic enhancement of your pictures.
  • Nondestructive processing. LR creates a copy of your photo for editing.
  • Create personal books and web galleries.
  • Easy sharing and exporting tools.

Best Lightroom Plugins for Mac

Black & White

Tonality CK turns colors into black, white, gray and many variations of shades. 13 one-click presets and 13 controls for adjusting color temperature, tone, clarity, structure and much more.

Best Lightroom CC Plugin Image1

Lens & Blur Filters

Focus CK gives you five presets with different blur and lens filters that you can easily drag, rotate and change the size. a custom mode allows manual focusing on highlighted details.

Best Lightroom CC Plugin Image2

Erase Unwanted Details

Snapheal CK erases unnecessary things or people from your photos. It can heal any imperfection. Just highlight what you want to remove and click on Erase button or play with the Retouch mode.

Best Lightroom CC Plugin Image3

One-click Editing

FX Photo Studio CK offers you over 200 photo effects and presets and a magic dice for a random selection. If you want some magic transformation, click on the dice. Frames make the image look complete.

Best Lightroom CC Plugin Image4

Remove Digital Noise

Noiseless CK reveals true colors and shapes. It removes colorful pixels that spoil the picture. You select the strength from the slightest to the most extreme denoising process.

Best Lightroom CC Plugin Image5

Reveal the Hidden

Intensify CK turns dull and flat images into bright and colorful. Presets let you change vibrancy, structure, contrast and enhance the details with only one click.

Best Lightroom CC Plugin Image6

Download and Installation:

Download Creative Kit or a single product. Then install the application(s) and launch them. In the upper left corner click on the name of the app, click "Install Plugins", click "Install" next to Lightroom and click "Done".

Editing and Saving:

Variant 1: Launch Lightroom -> File -> Import Photos and Video -> choose the folders -> Click on the photo -> Choose the app with the mouse right click Variant 2: File - Plug-in Extras - Transfer to … the app -> Choose What to Edit -> Edit the photo -> Click "Apply"

Creative Freedom with Creative Kit

Lightroom plugins mentioned ebove create a smooth workflow for enhancing your photos. Skylum Creative Kit combines easy and quick tools to meet all your needs. Store and arrange photos in Lightroom and enhance them with Creative Kit plugins.

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