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The world of photography is extremely wide, but it also has constant innovations. Current trends in photography shape the fashion for the stories that photographers convey in their works. We invite you to travel through the most popular currents of February 2024, from long-known techniques to revolutionary technologies. These trends change how we capture and perceive images, from classical concepts to ingenious modern hardware.

In the age of social media, photo editing trends directly influence the stories we tell. This article will explore the latest editing techniques revolutionizing post-production and their impact on the photography community. We turn the page of January photo trends and break into a new chapter for inspiration and new challenges.

Trend #1: Retro and Vintage PhotographyExploring the Top Photography Trends for February 2024 I Skylum | Skylum Blog(2)

One of the new trends in photography during the last couple of years is retro and vintage photography. This February, it will be more popular than ever. It is a fresh departure from the mainstream. This trend aims to recapture the essence of photography of yesteryear, embracing imperfections and celebrating the nature of analog processes.

One of the defining characteristics of retro and vintage photography is the use of vintage cameras, film, and lenses. Photographers are increasingly turning to the old school to achieve a distinct aesthetic of the past. The unmistakable warmth of sepia, the dreamy softness of aged film, and the rich grain reminiscent of vintage prints are all hallmarks of this trend.

Equipment, composition, and style play a key role in capturing the essence of past eras. Fashion choices and carefully selected props and scenery will help you craft each shot to transport viewers to another historical period.

In editing, vintage filters from Lumiar, as well as its AI assistants GenSwap and GenExpand, will come in handy to add missing objects to your photos with one click or expand the frame's borders to the desired level.

Trend #2: Faceless StockExploring the Top Photography Trends for February 2024 I Skylum | Skylum Blog(3)

In the evolution of stock photography, there has been a significant shift — the Faceless Stock trend. No more conventional images of people. This trend emphasizes diversity and inclusivity by intentionally hiding faces in images.

The importance of this trend lies in its ability to provide a more complete picture of society. Challenge stereotypes and create a more inclusive visual narrative by portraying people without revealing their faces.

In a world where stock images are often based on clichéd images, the Faceless Stock trend is a breath of fresh air, allowing viewers to focus on the essence of the image rather than preconceived notions of facial expression or personality.

Here's a tip for editing stock photos. Regardless of the style or specifics of your shoot, we can edit many images, now spending significantly less time and resources. Try batch edit photos for bulk editing. This editor is especially effective when you combine many photos in one style.

Trend #3: Science InspiredExploring the Top Photography Trends for February 2024 I Skylum | Skylum Blog(4)

Unusual things always attract our attention. Who can deny that the tiny worlds around us are amazing and unique? Ordinary, everyday things look like separate worlds at an increased viewing angle. At the same time, everyone has their amazingness. We are ready to look at new forms, colors, and structures. Unsurprisingly, with the development of technologies for macro photography, such images have become trendy. These images often blur the line between art and science, inviting us to explore the beauty at the intersection of the two.

However, not only equipment but lighting also plays a key role in science photography. Highlight tiny objects' intricate and unusual details in a way that conveys their exciting unusualness in the photo in the best possible way.

For quick but high-quality editing of such photos, use Macro Worlds or Macro Forest presets from Luminar. Structure AI can also help you enhance the small details of your tiny models. 

Trend #4: Immersive ExperiencesExploring the Top Photography Trends for February 2024 I Skylum | Skylum Blog(5)

We are fortunate to live in an era of exciting transformations in photography. We are surrounded by more and more innovative ways of transmitting images. Photographers today are pushing the medium's boundaries, allowing viewers to enter the scene rather than watch from afar.

In this trend, you can break free from traditional static images and invite viewers to become a part of your photo. Thanks to 360° photography, we can explore scenes from any angle, immersing ourselves in a world of unparalleled visual depth and interactivity. Now, we can look beyond the usual picture and find ourselves in the event's epicenter.

Virtual reality experiences take immersion to a new level, transporting users to completely different realms where they can actively participate in the narrative. Now, the boundaries between photography and storytelling have been completely erased. And you can easily make your viewers active participants in the visual journey.

Interactive installations push the boundaries further, transforming physical spaces into exciting sensory experiences. These multidimensional works of art invite viewers to interact with photography on a tactile level, leaving a lasting impression. Of course, this requires additional equipment and resources, but you can start with small experiments, giving free rein to your imagination and ingenuity.

When editing this kind of photo, AI will be the best assistant. Let the latest technologies work to the full for us.

Trend #5: Cinematic InspirationExploring the Top Photography Trends for February 2024 I Skylum | Skylum Blog(6)

Today, the world of photography is experiencing the fascinating influence of cinema. Movies and TV shows are increasingly inspiring photographers, prompting them to create images that mimic the essence of the movie screen.

In this trend, you can compose impressive photos based on dramatic lighting, dynamic angles, and storytelling skills. Use the power of light and shadow to evoke strong emotions while experimenting with unconventional angles, making those shots look like stop-motion from a movie.

Storytelling is at the heart of this trend. Pay attention to composition, characters, and props. Turn your photos into your own movie, leaving viewers to imagine a larger narrative unfolding beyond the captured moment. Look for inspiration in old movies and new ones. We advise you to watch the Top Visually Stunning Movies of the past year for creative experiments in various genres. Immerse yourself in a world where photography and cinema converge in the magic of the big screen.

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Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving world of photography, these diverse trends we've explored — from retro and vintage photography, faceless photography, science imagery, and immersive experiences to cinematic inspiration — showcase the limitless creativity and innovation that thrives in the industry. By embracing these trends, we are witnessing a profound evolution in capturing and interpreting the world around us. Photography is no longer limited to static moments; it has become a portal to fascinating worlds, a canvas for diverse representation, and a medium for narrative exploration.

Current trends in photography reflect the changing tastes and desires of creators and audiences and demonstrate the power of photography to overcome its limitations. Whether evoking nostalgia, promoting inclusivity, exploring the wonders of science, or reflecting the magic of cinema, these trends invite us to appreciate the multifaceted nature of visual art.

As we move forward, it is exciting to anticipate the new horizons that photography will continue to explore, pushing the boundaries of creativity and redefining our understanding of visual storytelling. The journey is always exciting, and the possibilities are endless in photography.

Photo editing trends don't stand still, either. We observe how the trends of past decades are returning to us, as well as new functions such as expanding the frame or adding/cutting elements from the photo. What changes await us shortly? Stay with us to dive into these novelties together!

Exploring the Top Photography Trends for February 2024 I Skylum | Skylum Blog(7)

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