Photography from a Kid's Perspective

November 03

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Kids have a wonderful, fresh perspective on everything, even when it comes to photo.

Kids have a wonderful, fresh perspective on everything, even when it comes to photography. Every child is an artist because their creativity, imagination and desire to have fun are the perfect combination! With digital photography and computer software the possibilities to experiment are endless and since this generation is extremely tech savvy they are happy to try something new.

Photographer Erika Thornes has three adorable girls and all of them participated recently in a Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk at the San Diego Zoo that was lead by Skylum's Senior Education Manager, Laurie Rubin. Photography from a Kids Perspective Image1Emery, shooting an animal in the wild.
Photography from a Kids Perspective Image2Izzy shooting a portrait.

After the walk, the young photographers took their images and processed them using our software. Below is Erika’s account of the experience and the photos they created:

"My oldest daughter, Eleanor (11 years old), loved the presets. She sometimes applied two, then switched back to one. She liked seeing how the layers worked, and enjoyed varying the intensities of the presets."Photography from a Kids Perspective Image3Photography from a Kids Perspective Image4Stairs and Peacock © Eleanor Thornes

"My middle daughter, Izzy, loved making her own presets, fiddling around, and coming up with a look that was unique to her. She pushed things too far, and then she brought them back. Izzy is eight years old and she is the school historian (school photographer). She has found a love for photography and is printing a copy of the bamboo image below for her bedroom wall."Photography from a Kids Perspective Image5Photography from a Kids Perspective Image6Little Boy and Bamboo © Izzy Thornes

"My youngest, Emery, is seven and she giggled and giggled about how extreme she could make the image. She loved to see the image transform before her eyes. I think she played the longest, working hard adjusting, and re-adjusting her images. She really wanted to get things very extreme and colorful, but the "right" balance of extreme, and not to "wrinkly" (high structure)."Photography from a Kids Perspective Image7Photography from a Kids Perspective Image8Gorilla and Flower © Emery Thornes

Great work, girls! Your photos and experiences using our software are good reminders for us adults to play, have fun and experiment more often.

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