Iurie Belegurschi

Born in Moldova, Iurie developed an interest in photography from an early age after his uncle converted the family bathroom into a darkroom. Iurie moved to Iceland in 2006. Drawn in by the incredible light and landscapes, he began traveling the country, with the camera in hand, in search of inspiration and honing his skills. Continually winning awards in international photography competitions, his images have been published and put on display in a number of leading publications and exhibitions. In 2012 Iurie founded Iceland Photo Tours, with the ambition of sharing the many wonders Iceland has to offer with passionate photographers from around the world.

Extremely intuitive and adaptive, Luminar saves me time. I can edit my photos quickly and on the go. On a photo tour, you’d rather take photos and enjoy the beauty of Iceland than spend time behind a computer.

Iurie Belegurschi | photographer - Skylum ambassador(10)