What would you do with a photo of the WORLD RECORD EGG?

The most-liked post on Instagram is a photo of an egg. On January, 18th this photo reached 48.6 million likes.

Discover out how easy it is to get creative with a simple egg and Luminar! Alien egg, Dinosaur Egg, Goth Egg, Dreamy Egg, Pear Egg, Noir Egg, Shy Egg, and even the Globe World Egg!

Select from a variety of Looks and Filters to quickly develop and stylize an image of an egg. Make your egg look soft and airy, or let Luminar's AI (Artificial Intelligence) filters do the work for you with a single slider. Mix up your egg with Bi-Color Toning, or get a super cool effect with Texture Overlays and Blending Modes. Watch this quick video to learn how to create your own Egg-cellent looking image with Luminar!


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