We will be sharing a quick video on each of the filters in Luminar Flex so that you will have the opportunity to be inspired as we encourage you to try them out on your own images!

In this blog, you will be able to view 5 quick videos to get you going on the following Luminar Flex Filters: 

The Dramatic filter is part of the creative filter set. This is a perfect filter to use when creating a gritty cinematic look often used to stylize fashion shoots or grungy athletic portraits. 

The Orton Effect filter blends together a mix of both sharp and soft details to create a nice dreamy result in a photo. This is a great way to add a unique and stylized look to your images. 

The BW Conversion filter converts a color photo to black and white.  It also contains a number of controls to manipulate the monochrome look to help you get more creative!

The Foliage filter enhances the colors of foliage and greenery automatically, making them more vivid and natural. This is a great choice for nature and lush landscape images.

The Adjustable Gradient filter allows you to selectively adjust exposure, contrast, vibrancy, and warmth for 2 different parts of the image. You can easily adjust the orientation for selective editing. 

Be sure to check back again next week for more quick videos!