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If you use Adobe Lightroom as your main photo editor, you’ll love this pack of free presets from Skylum. From the classic “Film Noir” look, to “Lush Details, “Moody Movie,” and “Peppermint,” this set of twenty free presets is sure to expand your creativity while saving you tons of time behind the computer.

Film noir

Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(2)


Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(3)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(4)

Moody movie

Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(5)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(6)

Sorta chaotic

Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(7)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(8)

Presets are the best way to get started in Lightroom. They allow you to get a pro-style edit in as little as a single click. They not only streamlining your workflow, but also consistently produce the same stunning, polished look each time you use them. You can use them to help you find your own editing style, quickly try out a variety of different styles, or use them to find new, innovative looks you hadn’t yet thought of. Either way, you’ll end up with amazing photos, all in a fraction of the time it would take starting from scratch.

Packed Full of Inspiration!

Need a new look or some fresh ground for experimentation? Maybe you’ve tried your normal editing workflow and it’s just not working for you on a particular image? That’s where Skylum’s Lightroom presets shine! Simply hover over the preset list (in the Develop module) and choose the look that fits your photo the best. Or try a few different ones. The cool thing with presets is that you can get different looks out of the same photo with just the click of a button. And with this free pack from Skylum, you’re sure to find at least a couple of looks per photo that will make you (and your viewers) go “Wow!”

Better Edits in a Fraction of the Time

Using presets can help take your editing to the next level. Each Skylum preset has been designed by pros, providing you with a level of quality that would otherwise take hours to create. When you choose one, your image will be 85-90% finished. (Sometimes you’ll even be completely done with a single click!) From there, all you have to do is fine-tune the effect with the sliders in the develop panel. So, no need to edit the photo from start to finish—all you’ll need to do is put on the finishing touch.

Need more?
Check out our premium Lightroom plugins

If you liked our free Lightroom presets, wait till you see our Premium Collection! Chocked full of pro looks and styles from every genre, these presets are sure to transform your photos into works of art in no time. From the dark, creamy look of “Expresso Foam” to the bright, cinematic tones of “Road Tripper,” the variety and versatility of our pro presets are sure to delight and impress.

Rasberry Pie

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Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(10)


Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(11)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(12)

River stones

Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(13)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(14)

Espresso foam

Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(15)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(16)

Pro Looks at the Click of a Button

Let’s face it, learning to edit efficiently and effectively can take years. Pros regularly design their own presets and use them with just about every shoot they do, saving themselves loads of time. When you use Skylum Lightroom presets, you’re essentially leaving the hours and years of design to the experts and skipping to the good part—choosing and dialing in the perfect look for each image. And of course, Lightroom’s amazing batch editing abilities work great with presets, so whether it’s two or two hundred photos, giving them the same finished look will take only seconds.

Let Your Creativity Soar

Skylum’s Pro Preset Package contains forty-two unique looks that are bound to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, food, or just daily life, these presets will bring more life and richness to your photography. “Light Night,” “Misty Falls,” “Forest Floor,” “Coffee Shop”…each preset brings with it its own mood and story. You can use them as they are or as baselines to create your own, unique looks. Either way, you’ll be able to add a level of creativity to your editing style with just a few clicks of a button.

Installing Lightroom Presets

To install your Skylum preset pack, download the zip file and unzip it. Open Lightroom and enter the “Develop” mode. The presets you already have will be on the left side panel. Right- or command-click anywhere in those presets and the option to “Import” will appear. Click on this, browse to your Skylum presets pack, and click “Import.” You’re done! Alternatively you can drag and drop the presets into your Lightroom Presets Folder. (Lightroom folderLightroom SettingsDevelop PresetsUser Presets.) Then, open or restart Lightroom and your presets will right there waiting for you. Easy!

Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(17) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(18)
Classik fade
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(19) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(20)
clear views
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(21) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(22)
color portrait
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(23) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(24)
crispy warm
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(25) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(26)
darker noir
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(27) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(28)
forest floor
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(29) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(30)
gloomy day
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(31) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(32)
little grain
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(33) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(34)
little vespa
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(35) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(36)
retro process
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(37) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(38)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(39) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(40)
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(41) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(42)
top brass
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(43) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(44)
vivid tone
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(45) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(46)
river stones
Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(47) Free Lightroom Presets | Skylum(48)
espresso foam

Want even more top-notch tools in your Lightroom editing kit? Try out Skylum’s Luminar plugin for Lightroom. Luminar is both a stand-alone editor and a plugin for both Lightroom and Photoshop. It has fantastic presets and super-powerful editing tools that will put the cherry on the top of your Lightroom workflow. Or, if you shoot in HDR, you can’t go wrong with the Aurora Lightroom plugin—it’s truly one of the best HDR editors on the market today.

Free lightroom presets

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