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How to Sell Photography

April 26

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Professional photography is a beautiful dream - but it's also important to know how to sell photos.

Photography is a developing business, and if you are good at taking photographs then selling photography can turn out be a solid career for you.

There are a number of approaches to get exposure. But, the competition is stiff and it can be somewhat difficult to break into the photography business unless you know the right steps to feature your work.

Since everybody possesses a camera nowadays (phones!) and think their work should be on magazines, banners, and websites, it can turn out to be difficult to make money if you don't follow the correct steps to offer your photography for purchase.­ Let’s have a look at some options you may have:

Portfolio Website

To sell your photography, you require a medium where people could see your work. It's basic requirement that you have a portfolio website that exhibits the best of your work. It doesn't need to be a huge collection of your pictures which you've clicked throughout the years, it should be an elegant looking simple site that demonstrates some of your best photography work. Make a separate page as well with our contact details and social networking profiles. A portfolio will not only introduce others to your work, but also help you pitch to your potential clients. Plus, with SEO, clients may even find you on the web.


Alongside your portfolio, a blog can come in handy to boost your audience. It can help you display a series of pictures and current projects that you're working on.

This is a great way to display your potential and attract buyers. One important thing you can do on your blog is to define your photos. Tell people what a particular photo is about and what made you capture it. This will draw more people to your blog and catapult interested clients towards your portfolio website.

Contact Stock Photography Websites

Contacting stock photography websites is another choice to sell your pictures and earn commission every time a customer purchases your photo.

It’s a great medium because people are consistently searching for pictures that they are in need of for whatever purpose.

You can present your work to a variety of stock photography sites. They offer commission on each sale and some also pay a specific sum to buy complete rights to your product. However, make sure your pictures are worth paying for.

Commissions differ from site to site you submit your work to, and depends on several other factors as well. Some good choices include ShutterStock, iStock, and BigStock.

Edit your pictures with the best tools

It is essential to make your pictures look professional by editing them with the right tools. Even most professional photographers edit their photos using editing tools like Luminar.

Luminar is an exclusive all-in-one photo editor which is available for Mac users. It packs a powerful punch and is available only for $69. You will find it easier to sell your photos when they look neat and properly edited.

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