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LUT by Kathrin Federer

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Create enchanting worlds with 20 soft and earthy LUTs. Immerse your visual work in the unique essence of this collection that boasts a diverse palette of 20 LUTs, each offering its own creative interpretation of earthy tones.

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20 LUTs


Luminar 4, Luminar AI, Luminar NEO, Photoshop

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Using RAW files you will easily practice retouching tips and learn how to get photos like these.

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Kathrin Federer

Digital Artist, Architect of Visual Dreams, Skylum Ambassador

Born in Switzerland, Kathrin Federer has established an impressive art career from her base near Zurich. Initially, an abstract painter, her 2017 encounter with Photoshop revolutionized her creative process. Kathrin's ability to realize her visions sets her apart in the art world, and she has become a living source of inspiration to many.

Skillfully employing a diverse range of professional design software and various digital enhancement tools, Kathrin constructs breathtaking artworks. Her creative toolbox extends beyond Photoshop and Illustrator, embracing the full spectrum of digital technologies to bring her vibrant artistic concepts to life. These involve a fusion of her photographs, 3D objects, vectors, and her original digital elements, infusing her vibrant artistic concepts with life. Characterized by continuous growth and refinement, her art maintains a signature crisp style that is distinctively hers, transforming any setting with its profound visual impact.

Kathrin Federer draws her inspiration from a variety of sources. Everyday subjects, images, and her own vivid imagination often serve as the basis for her art. She has the unique ability to create an entire environment around a single inspirational object. This can be anything from grazing sheep in a pasture to a snapshot or a child's drawing. Kathrin's works reflect a part of her soul and are meant to take the viewer on a journey, make them think, or even just make them smile. She hopes to exude calm and serenity with her minimalist creations and offer a respite from the fast-paced modern world.

 Kathrin Federer's style is a blend of minimalism and nature, with an occasional dash of humor, resulting in haunting, dreamlike scenarios. Her digital art is characterized by its clear depiction and unique compositions. Kathrin's meticulous attention to detail and perfectionism are evident in each of her works. She often incorporates elements such as animals, trees, mountains, and architectural features into her works. Kathrin's color choices and arrangement of elements in her works are carefully considered, often guided by intuition, and supported by a deep understanding of color theory and design principles.

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