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Luminar Neo Online – is it a Thing?

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Luminar Neo is currently available as a desktop app for macOS and Windows. It can also be used as a plugin for such popular editing applications as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photos for Mac

Unveiling the Benefits of Desktop

Luminar online editor isn't an option yet, but the AI-powered Luminar Neo for desktop can help you edit photos fast and easy. You can do anything – from basic color correction to more advanced editing, to adding unique styles with Presets, to playing with Overlays.

Why Luminar Neo is the Perfect Alternative to Online Photo Editing?

Online photo editing usually lowers the quality of the results. Luminar Neo lets you work with the highest quality of your images. Plus, thanks to the Catalog feature, you can organize and search your photos with ease, always having all of your creation at hand.

Luminar Neo's Offline Editing Capabilities

Some of the features of Luminar Neo need internet connection, like the newest generative AI tools. However, most of the tools work offline, giving you freedom to create even when you’re traveling with a laptop, on a flight, or in other cases when you’re without internet connection.
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Experience the Freedom of Editing Without Internet Connectivity

Luminar Neo gives you such features as:

Easy-to-use AI-based tools for landscapes and portraits
Impressive results with Presets in just a few clicks
Basic correction and advanced enhancements
Freedom to create however you want with Layers

And so much more!

Explore Other Features

Luminar Neo has plenty of other features to help you edit faster and easier
Blend Two Images
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Blend Two Images
Elevate your photography to new heights by seamlessly blending two images
Supersharp AI
© Ksenia Kazak
Supersharp AI
Revive Your Blurry Photos with Supersharp AI! Use our cutting-edge technology to naturally restore the sharpness of your cherished memories.
© Lisa
Transform your photos with GenSwap! Effortlessly replace dull elements with AI-generated visuals that blend seamlessly into your images.
Background Removal AI
© Ksenia Kazak
Background Removal AI
Use our advanced tool to automatically erase backgrounds behind any object in your images.
© mathewbrowne_anglesey
Simplify your workflow and amplify your results. Experience the convenience of managing multiple adjustments with a single, AI-driven slider.
Hue Changer
© reewungjunerr
Hue Changer
Easily correct tones, experiment with new looks, or add unique creative effects.

An application & plugin
For macOS & Windows

  • High-performance AI editor
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Frequently Asked Questions

What features of Luminar Neo are unavailable in other online editors?

Luminar Neo has all the features you need to edit faster and smarter in one app. Most of the online editors are just one-feature app, while Luminar Neo gives you all the tools, from basic to advanced that you need to edit your photos.  

Is there an online version of the desktop tool planned?

Neither Luminar online, or previous versions like Luminar AI online have an online version. For now, we’re not planning an online version, but you can take advantage of the power of Luminar Neo in the desktop app.