Color Contrast

Adjust contrast based on the selected color range (Hue).

Cycle through the color range, and watch as a color becomes lighter while the opposite becomes darker for a significant contrast. With this filter, give an otherwise flat image a more dynamic and interesting feel. 

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Filter controls


Moving this slider allows you to choose the target Hue to emphasize in your edit.

Color Contrast

Color contrast specifically refers to contrast that is created between differences based on primary and secondary colors that combine to create the target Hue.


The overall lightness or darkness of the image is controlled with this slider.


This slider emphasizes the difference in brightness between areas and objects

Laura Tillinghast

Pro Photographer

Born and raised on the West Coast, Laura Tillinghast began making art at a young age. She explored many mediums until finally discovering photography when she was 17 years old. From that point on, she knew she had found the tool she was looking for to bring her imagination to life. Shooting primarily advertising and editorial content, you never know what you will find in front of Laura's lens. Whether it is a gorgeous model, a rock band or a bowl of oatmeal, she shoots with the same goal in mind; make it beautiful.

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